All That You Need to Know about Cannabis

Published : 12/19/2014 13:57:01
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All That You Need to Know about Cannabis

There have been many government warnings about the health risks, but even then, people see it as possessing medicinal benefits and consider it as a drug to relax. 

Unlike cigarettes and alcohol, cannabis has their known benefits in cases of mental health. Researchers also suggest that it can be a major cause of psychotic illnesses in those people who are genetically vulnerable. 

What Are Cannabis? 

Cannabis is a member of the nettle family that has grown wild for centuries throughout the world. The plant has been used as resin (a brown lump, known as hashish or ganja) and herbal cannabis (made up of dried flowering tops and variable amount of dried leaves) 

Street cannabis can come in a wide variety of strengths and it is not always possible to judge what is being used in one session. 

How Is It Used? 

Most commonly, the resin and dried leaves are crushed and mixed with tobacco inthe first step. Tobacco can be obtained from cigarettes or purchased separately. This tobacco mixed with cannabis is rolled in a paper to prepare what is called a ‘joint’. This can be smoked similar to how a cigarette is smoked. The smoke mixes with the blood to relax the body and give a high. Cannabis, as we all know it, is banned in many countries under the Misuse of a Drug Act. It causes heavy penalty to offenders. 

Mental Health Problems 

Cannabis use is associated with many mental illnesses. There is growing number of evidences for the same. Illnesses such as depression and psychosis are more likely to be seen in people who consume cannabis at an early age and have used it for a prolonged duration. There are counter arguments citing that cannabis is being used to cure depression and schizophrenia, which is not really the case. The drug is misused and people take an overdose and end up spoiling their mental health. Besides, the smoke inhaled as a result causes the lungs to blacken and fill up with tar. 

On the Whole 

Overall, cannabis is being used worldwide mostly in an illegal manner. It is available in most places through secret contacts. The hilly areas are known to produce good quality of cannabis, and there are only a few places where marijuana is legalized, and most of it is medical marijuana.

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