Afghan Skunk Is Hybrid Of Indica And Sativa

Published : 11/20/2015 09:46:43
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Afghan Skunk Is Hybrid Of Indica And Sativa

There are many people who like to consume Afghan skunk in any way. There is a demand for it in making medicines also. Afghan skunk can be cultivated by beginners or experienced people. The plant can resist rain, cold, fungi and diseases. They can be planted outdoors or indoors. The plant starts yielding after nine weeks. It is beautiful to see the plants with purple/red flowers.  

Plant Resists Cold

The taste is sweet with a pungent smell. The smell attracts the smokers and they tend to choose this variety. This strain gives a numb effect to the body. This strain is used for relieving pain, anxiety and stress. The high effect after consuming this strain makes the mind relieved. This plant can be grown in cold countries. Due to its resisting qualities the plant can give great yields when planted indoors or outdoors. If the yield is more then the plants may tend to break so it is very necessary to support this plant where there are more buds.  

Beginners Also Find Easy

There is about 18 percent THC in the strain of this plant. The beginners also can get this seed and get good yield. If grown according to instructions there may be some record breaking results. Any small mistakes made while following instructions also is tolerated by this plant. Thus there are more yields from novice growers also. This smoke can be used on cold days which give the warmth to the body and minds gets completely relieved. The medical properties of this plant relieve pain, anxiety and stress. 

Grown Indoors And Outdoors

The plant grows like a Christmas tress and is full of trichomes during the yielding season. This plant can be grown outdoors or indoors. The height of the plant may be about one meter indoors and three metres outdoors. It needs nearly eight weeks for getting the correct yield. One square meter gives about 400-500 gms of yield. School smokers are attracted to the aroma of this plant. It is better to look into the local laws before ordering for the seeds. 

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