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Advantages of Medicinal Cannabis Over Prescription Drugs

Advantages of Medicinal Cannabis Over Prescription Drugs

Some of these medications include chemicals that cause allergies, and sometimes they react negatively with few other substances, and cause different types of health related complications. 

The Impact of TV Ads

Each time a consumer switches on the TV, he gets bombarded with countless commercials about prescription of drugs. But, a good notice on these commercials can easily tell us that almost half of such commercials are about how these drugs can have side effects of different levels. Medicinal marijuana is one such natural drug that has its own advantages over the regular prescribed medications, but it hasn’t really been used on a mass scale… However, this doesn’t signify that it’s not fit to be used!

Medical Marijuana is 100% Natural and Safe

One of the biggest advantages of medical marijuana is its natural and thus safe. It is almost not possible of people doing overdose of marijuana and rarely has anyone reported of any kind of side effects. That said, people who have reported side effects have complained of short term loss of memory or warped time perception. These side effects are almost nothing compared to the dangerous side effects caused by so many other prescription drugs. 

Safer Than Aspirin!

Researchers have actually discovered that these natural medicines are even safer than aspirin. Aspirin was introduced back in 1899 and since then it has caused around 500 deaths on an average every year. Some of the other side effects of Aspirin are stomach bleeding, liver damage, vomiting, nausea, stomach problems and few other side effects. 

Mild Side Effects

Marijuana, on the other hand, has been used by people for centuries now and never once have we heard of any overdose case reported. Some of the milder side effects of cannabis can include –




forgetfulness, and

excess hunger. 

The good news is that apart from euphoria all other side effects of marijuana fade out within a time span of 2 to 4 hours, and it doesn’t have any permanent side effect at all!

Medical Marijuana vs. Traditional Prescription Drugs

It won’t be wrong to conclude that medical marijuana is much safer than almost most of the prescription drugs. It has been used by people for thousands of years now for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Until the year 1937, marijuana was the number one medicine for curing close to 100 medical conditions in United States, which is a true fact but rarely stated anywhere. 

Of course, medical marijuana is not something that can cure anything and everything on every human body but so is the case with all synthetic prescribed drugs. Cannabis is mostly consumed for handling the negative side effects of a health condition and is rarely used for treating a disease directly.