A Unique Relaxing High And Body Buzz Waits With Blue Mystic Marijuana

Published : 11/30/2015 09:37:40
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A Unique Relaxing High And Body Buzz Waits With Blue Mystic Marijuana

The warm sun in the dry tropical atmosphere is good for this strain and the cold of Europe would not suit its successful growth. In the cold the plant will be attacked by pests and mold. Indoors you would need 600w lighting and the yield may be about 400 grams per square meter. Besides, the strain is somewhat fragile as compared to many other varieties that are traditionally strong and able to withstand the elements.  

An unforgettable high 

You do end up with euphoria after all the efforts at growing it or procurement. It is certainly saying goodbye to depression and euphoria is certainly what marijuana is all about. Regarding the taste, it’s a rather refreshing sweetness. You do feel that you are sipping fruit juice! Yet the ephemeral high is strong down to deliver a physical nothingness for the moment. So you have it there in a nutshell, the high and the trance and the result is rollicking indeed. The stoning is not alarming though and everything should remain under control. 

Why is it called Blue Mystic?

Well before flowering happens, the plant takes on a gentle blueness and that is the source of the blue in the name. The buds also show a bluish purple hue. As the buds develop, notice the sweet smell that pervades the atmosphere, gentle indeed. Mystics are what all the marijuana freaks are anyway, interested in mind experiences that sometimes border on the delirious. Mysterious is the word for those mind forays. Yet controlled consumption would see some excellent experiences to be cherished in the memory. The strain has often been compared to another champion strain called Northern Lights in similar impact upon the mind. Northern Lights does not possess either the blue appearance or the fruity taste of the smoke. The berry flavor comes from part of the parentage, the Blueberry. Another parent is Skunk too besides the sensational Northern Lights. 

The birth of BM

In Oregon and California, cannabis growers did some mischief and crossed Thailand strains with Afghan varieties and the results were outstanding. Up in the mountains happened the development of this remarkable strain with Asian origins in its genetic makeup but Asia is where cannabis originally hails from, land of snake charmers. Though the harvest may be ready in eight weeks, waiting for two weeks more makes the potency even stronger though some flavor would be lost. 

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