A Unique Marijuana Hybrid Combines Three Sets Of Genes

Published : 01/19/2016 16:39:09
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A Unique Marijuana Hybrid Combines Three Sets Of Genes

Since it is easy to grow and care for, you could look forward to harvesting your own cannabis! Weeds are after all of hardy constitutions and this hybrid takes on all kinds of weather conditions and growing media.  Immense satisfaction derives from consuming your own home grown stuff just like tasting your own cooking.  BIG BLACK INDICA FEMINIZED came to be born from three parents and they are the mighty White Widow, Big Bud and Afghani, and so we can well imagine the latent power.

 Medically viable too

The global shift in thinking in favour of marijuana derives from the medicinal qualities that have been known to indigenous cultures for an eternity. As many as 23 American states have legalized medical marijuana and more would soon follow. Eating disorders are treated successfully with this hybrid besides stressed out conditions. Many marijuana strains treat headaches and insomnia very successfully as a result of the euphoric influence upon the mind and nerves that bring rest and cures depressed situations.

What does the plant look like

Blessing growers and consumers with plentiful yields, the plant contains gummy buds that are full of resin. The buds have the deposits of THC crystals. Though the plant appears like the White Widow parent, the leaves are larger and a darker green too. The two plants are often confusing because they have similar resin and THC crystals. Some people may be unwilling to believe the crystal formation unless they actually witness it. The flavour produced is extraordinary too. Senses crave it because of the attractive ambience of the living plant itself even before it may be consumed in one of several ways. Though smoking is the traditional method, snacks and beverages are becoming common. 

Buying seeds and growing the plant

Seed blanks online dispatch them to any address worldwide in discrete packaging and nobody really would know what the package contains. The secrecy is necessary because many countries oppose marijuana possession and use. Make sure that local laws are compatible if you wish to grow it. Regular seeds would generate both male and female plants. Feminized seeds generate only female plants that contain buds and the THC while the males don’t and are thus of no use for generating highs except as fodder for cattle in some countries. Though the hardy plants grow successfully anywhere and can withstand difficult outdoor conditions, indoor cultivation may be the best bet. Whether in the soil or using hydroponics and artificial lighting situations, BIG BLACK INDICA FEMINIZED   would be a source of great incomes and highs too besides the medical boon. The plant achieves a height of about 110 cm and flowers after 8 weeks. Look forward to a September harvest. The windfall would be in the range of 500 grams per square meter.

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