8 Handy Tips to Grow Cannabis Indoors

Published : 05/8/2015 23:00:19
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8 Handy Tips to Grow Cannabis Indoors

Sometimes, even expert growers find it very difficult to cultivate marijuana indoors. There are several important aspects that need to be considered and monitored.  

If you keep a watch on these factors and abide by specific guidelines, you are sure to have a great harvest. In this article, we have tried to list out few vital tips for the successful growth of cannabis plants. Read on and incorporate these tips in your cultivation process to get the most out of your indoor cannabis garden.  

Use High Quality Seeds 

Irrespective of the growing conditions that you use, the final product is more depending on its genetics. Though, you cannot get a good harvest with only good quality seeds and bad growing conditions. Both are equally important. To start with, ensure that you choose high quality cannabis seeds for cultivation.  

Soil Quality Is Important 

Before sowing the seeds indoors for cultivation, ensure that the quality of the soil you are using is good. The normal potting soil does not work well for cultivating cannabis. The pH balance of the soil should ideally be around 6.5 for this kind of plants.  

Provide a Proper Grow Room 

Before you have set up a proper grow room, don’t sow even a single seed. Build the room fully with all the essential needs right from light provisions to right temperature before you begin your clones or seeds.  

Begin with a Simple Method of Growing 

Before you make a decision to try the latest advanced cultivating methods, begin with the basics. Begin with a good pot of soil, good growing conditions and a good, simple plan. As you gain experience, change your methods till you accomplish perfection.   

Maintain Cleanliness 

Keep the grow rooms clean. Avoid leaving trash in there as this can invites pests and pose a safety threat. Throw the dead leaves outside the room. When you enter the grow room, ensure that you are wearing clean clothes and shoes so that pests can be kept away.  

Ensure Proper Ventilation 

Movement of fresh air can keep your plants healthy. Get rid of humid and hot air as this can help to prevent the growth of mildew and mold. Good ventilation also replenishes the carbon dioxide that plants require for photosynthesis. Try to filter the fresh air that gets into the room in order to avoid introduction of pests.  

Do Not Over-Water or Over-Fertilize 

Irrespective of whether you are cultivating cannabis outdoors or indoors, this is a very important aspect to remember. Over-watering can kill the young cannabis plants, and the same holds good for fertilizing as well. Marijuana plants always need mild fertilizers; so, ensure NOT to over-fertilize them. 

Follow these handy tips for a successful harvest with indoor cannabis cultivation.

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