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6 Quick Checklist for Regular Cannabis Seeds Growers

6 Quick Checklist for Regular Cannabis Seeds Growers

Buying the Right Seeds

It’s suggested to buy seeds from reputable dealers or online websites. provides excellent quality seeds; some of the best strains available are white widow, bid buds, northern lights, and aurora indica seeds.High Supply has huge selection of great seeds and they ship across the world. You can look at other sites as well to compare the reviews and prices and to buy the right seeds. 

Regular vs. Feminized Seeds

You will have to decide between regular or feminized cannabis seeds; the regular ones have fifty-fifty chance of being female or male, while there is high chance of seeds being female in the feminized. You can witness the obvious benefits of cultivating such seeds, as you would not want to waste time in removing unwanted male plants. Most novice growers prefer feminized over regular for the same reason. 

Indica vs. Sativa

Most people prefer Indica over sativa, due to its easy-to-grow capability and moreover, it grows from short or medium height. Other advantages of Indica seeds include short flowering cycle and high yield. Sativa seeds take longer time to flower and need more height and quite challengeable to cultivate. 

Choice of Soil

Look for great natural and organic soil, which is exclusively designed with marijuana cannabis seeds in mind.  The required nutrients and incredibly stable PH will already be available in the soil that can feed the plant for more time. You do not have to mix with miracle grow for it. 

Do not opt for the soil that you use for other normal plants or just that is available outside, as it won’t have the right nutrients and PH levels needed for a marijuana seed. It’s better to purchase best quality or premium soil than using sterilized soil available in the garden area. The soil shouldn’t be mixed with sticks, bark, or other ingredients that raise or alter the PH level of the soil. 


You can use few containers; it’s not necessary to put all things in one container from starting. You can use one pot for seedling, while one medium length during growth and large container for the plant to flower and reach the final stage of its life cycle. 

The seedling pot could be simple paper cups or Styrofoam, while the final pot could be 3-5gallon large, based on plant’s natural size.It is suggested to go for variably-sized container, so that soil gets completely wet every time you splash water. 


When choosing what type of seed to choose, you need to determine whether to grow outdoors or indoors. You need to create light-tight environment in case of indoor growing to get enough ventilation and breeze. 

You can buy pre-made grow tent or customize the growing space.If you thought of outdoor, decide whether you want off-site or in your backyard. Some seeds come for especially for outdoor growing; invest in something that is resistant to cold and extreme environment.