5 of the Best-Selling Regular Cannabis Seeds You Ought to Try Out

Published : 02/9/2015 10:42:52
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5 of the Best-Selling Regular Cannabis Seeds You Ought to Try Out

The purest form of seeds bred from female and male parents develops nearly fifty percent male and female offspring.

Despite the growing popularity of feminized or auto flowering seeds, regular cannabis is still the first preference of majority of breeders, as these provide the same genetics at a much lower rate than the modified versions. Retaining the best features, these seeds do a better job and are best for those, who aren’t pleased with the concept of feminized technology. 

high-supplies.com offers the most comprehensive range of regular marijuana seeds from leading breeders across the world. Below are some of the top selling regular cannabis seeds. 

AK 48

This particular strain has been gaining popularity since mid 90s. The flowering period is pretty short and it cultivates hard buds with exceptionally penetrating fragrance. It has both sativa and indica elements, though sativa in its highest. It can finish within 48 days, if all conditions are met. It takes just seven to eight weeks to flower and is mainly suitable indoor growing. The THC content is pretty high (nearly 15 to 20 percent) and the best time to harvest is in the month of October. It can grow up to medium height, producing better yields quickly. It has strong odor and its smoking effect does stay long. If you’ve planted near balcony or a neighbor’s house, take extra care for aroma control. AK 48 is suitable for home use or commercial cultivation. Having won many awards and victories in cannabis competitions, it’s the best to grow as well as to smoke.  

Blue Berries Seeds 

This Indica dominant seed has been around for more than three decades; Dutch Blueberry is the classy, original cannabis seed combined with blue coloration in the buds and leaves and fruity flavors. The genetics are 20% sativa and 80% indica, mainly originated in 1970s. Though it can grow well under best ideal constraints, it is mainly preferred by those looking for refined, relaxing, and special Blueberry high.  It has fruity and sweet taste and berry fragrance.  

Ice Seeds 

The extended version of regular white widow seeds, the Ice cannabis produces heavy yields and very promising big buds. The Afghani origin seed can produce good yield and works greatly with either hydro or soil growing system. It has heavy astringent-like scent.  

White Widow 

Available in most of the famous Dutch coffee shops, the white widow has stunningly thick trichome coating. Mainly having indica elements, it has thick, sweet, acrid smoke and is easy to clone. The pungent, powerful aroma makes it adored. It can be grown in indoors, outdoors, and greenhouse.  

White Rhino

It is a good combination of Indian, Brazilian, and Afghani strains. The buds would be usually short, yet feature good THC content, along with bright orange and green hair. It can be cultivated in any kind of environment, which makes it even more popular. The strain is smoked by experts, due to high THC level. 

You can order it from High-Supplies.com at affordable prices.

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