5 Fruit-Flavored Cannabis Seeds: What’s Your Favorite?

Published : 01/15/2020 10:52:55
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5 Fruit-Flavored Cannabis Seeds: What’s Your Favorite?

Cannabis seeds can deliver some of the most tasty and rewarding strains, available solely to the savvy gardener. As any cannabis cones ear knows, some fruity strains of cannabis offer more than just a heady high- they can be delightfully fruity, with deep aromas and tantalizing tastes. 

But just how do these delectably fruity strains give off such enticing smells and flavors? Well, you know… science. 

How Taste Happens

Taste and aroma in cannabis works largely in the same fashion as taste and aroma in pretty much everything else. Thanks to flavor and aroma producing compounds that interact with fine tuned receptors in our nose and on our tongues, the tastes and smells of the world are then translated into something that our brains can perceive. 

Terpenes and terpenoids don’t only affect the taste of the buds, but they can also have a distinct effect on the high you’re likely to experience from them. Terpenes are still a relatively new concept in the wide world of cannabis, so many are still being discovered as their effects are further researched. 

In cannabis plants and the weed seeds that produce them, taste and aroma depend on a few different and distinct compounds. For aroma and scent of the strain, terpenes and terpenoids are largely responsible. While not all terpenes present give off a fruity smell, each of them result in their own distinct flavor profile. Here’s a quick reference list of some of the most common, and most notable flavor profiles that marijuana seeds can grow into. 


Bisabolol often times gives off a super mellow chamomile smell, with notes of tea tree. When these terpenes are hyper present, it is believed that they can help further improve the anti-inflammatory properties of marijuana. As well as help soothe irritation and pain. 


Caryophyllene is often used to reduce anxiety and ease the symptoms of chronic illnesses like ulcers and depression. It gives off a vivacious peppery smell that is totally distinctive from other aromas in the strain. 


With floral notes and a calming demeanor, Linalool is often sought after in strains that are designed to boost your mood and and up the relaxing effects of any weed seeds that is crossed to expose it. 


A terpene that is also omnipresent in mango, Myrcene is thought to improve cannabinoid uptake in the brain, lengthening your high. It also portrays powerful relaxing qualities, helping you sleep and give most strains of marijuana that signature earthy smell. 


Assumed a powerful anti-microbial, Ocimene brings in the flavor by packing a punch of basil, mango, and parsley like aromas. It’s currently being explored as a useful decongestant. 


Piney and fresh! Pinene acts according to label by adding some serious notes of pine. This terpenes is thought to help ease some of the less than enjoyable effects of THC like nausea and coordination issues. 


This little compound does it all. Strains heavy in Terpinolene can give off a variety of wild aromas like apple, cumin, and that piney scent. Terpinolene is thought to have fairly strong sedative and antimicrobial properties. 


That lemony fresh feeling, Limonene is responsible for all those citrus high notes. While offering Mary Jane that happy, sunny feeling. This terpene has a number of great applications but its ability to lift moods is for sure a fan favorite. 


Giving the one-two punch to inflammation and your nostrils, humulene is thought to give off those deeply earthy aromatic tones. Generally associated with things like cloves and hops. 


Like every essential oil and the tree that bears its name, Eucalyptol gives off a zesty fresh scent with hints of tea tree oil. Oftentimes, this terpene is used to fight inflammation and bacteria. 

Keeping in mind that terpenes are thought to have a synergistic effect with THC and other cannabinoids, buds that are tended for their high profile smells can often come with additional benefits. Many of the super popular and fruity smells offer a much more pleasurable stoney experience. Ending the dreaded couch lock and helping to dampen the severe paranoia that can be caused by the tenacity of certain strains. Making your smoking experience not only fruity and fantastic, but also mellow and enjoyable. 

California Orange Bud 

With a medium yield and THC content, California Orange Bud seeds are a great choice to look for in the feminized section. With an Indica-dominant strain, this bud is specially designed to improve your mood with it’s punchy citrus notes and send you to snoozeville with its relaxing properties. 

This sweet treat will surely provide an excellent pay off to the moderately experienced gardener. While it can be a bit too touchy for the novice, the delicate orange hairs and fruity aroma of her giant cones are sure to entice just about anyone. 


Despite being an Indica-centric strain, the THC levels of citral are almost off the charts. The light green, thick buds and massive bushy foliage is definitely a sight for sore eyes, as this lady is definitely considered high maintenance. If you’re considering growing Citral as an inexperienced farmer, make sure that you have more than enough of these precious marijuana seeds on hand, as it could take awhile to get her treatment regimen down just right. 

This Pakistani Indica will provide a pretty payout should a grower understand her needs, even in cramped spaces. With a naturally expanded vegetation period, this lady is quite capable of producing high yields and quality highs. With a fruity and sweet taste, Citral is the stain that you’ll definitely want to see at your next tasting. 

Pineapple Express 

A beautifully balanced hybrid, Pineapple Express is ultra famous for more than just its delectably juice taste. This autoflowering cannabis seed variety can offer maximum yield with minimal effort. Making it ideal for beginners and pro growers alike. Where it’s a bit heavy handed on the sativa strain of things, Pineapple Express autoflowering seeds offer an energetic yet relaxed high. Making it the ideal accompaniment to a night with friends and the movie of the same name. 

This strain is genetically linked to two incredibly popular and well known Sativas: Trainwreck and Hawaiian. Despite having a typical THC content of only 15-20%, this strain has very little CBD, so you can expect and energetic and creative high without the paranoia or sedation of either of the parent strains. 

Blue Berries 

High yield and high THC content coupled with medium flowering time and a bushy and understated height, blue berries are a great choice for the intermediate and pro grower. Once in all her glory of the flowering stage, this Indica based beauty shows off how exactly she got her name. Giving off a sweet, berry-like taste and showcasing beautifully purple tinged leaves, this plant is just as wonderful to admire as it is to smoke. 

With heavy handed Indicas in the family, blue berries offers an incredibly relaxing high that can help combat the horrors of sleep deprivation, insomnia and anxiety. The long-lasting high takes ahold quickly, helping to stretch your yield to its maximum potential.


Mal sure to get a good amount of somango cannabis seeds, because once you grow this alluring and globally loved crop, you’ll definitely want to keep it in constant rotation. The indica heavy and high THC strain offers all of the mellow effects of its famed relative White Widow. Wide dark green leaves will herald the rapid arrival of the plants flowering stage, quickly blossoming into full and beautiful cones. 

The aromatic and fruity taste is often likened to cotton candy, but the high is even sweeter. This incredible bud can get your creative juices flowing by offering an energetic and heady high, ideal for stress relief and solid days.

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