5 Cannabis Seeds You Can’t Miss Out On

Published : 08/8/2015 22:26:53
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5 Cannabis Seeds You Can’t Miss Out On

There are many exotic names, many legends, many highly recommended cannabis strains and all these can even overwhelm an experienced breeder, let alone a beginner. So how do you know which ones amongst this huge ocean of cannabis seeds are the real deals? Listed below are 5 cannabis seeds a breeder can grow for commercial or personal reasons and hope to get good results as well. 

Afghani Hindu Kush: This high quality seed is a very strong Indica, which breeders love for their extremely high popularity worldwide. These cannabis seeds flower just like any Indica, with dense and very strong buds. You also get a very thick smoke, something you find in strains that are dominant in Indica. The original strains are found in the mountain ranges of Hindu Kush, which are the ultimate sources of cannabis resins. It provides a very intense body buzz and packs in a lot of punch. If a strong before sleep smoke is what gets you going then buy Afghani Hindu Kush at www.high-supplies.com at very affordable prices. 

White Widow Autoflower: This is the perfect hybridof the male Critical and auto-flowering White Widow clone, and you can easily manage to get a mix of sweet and bitter taste along with original floral appearance of White Widow mother, not to mention a whole lot of resin. Compared to the original White Widow, the only noticeable difference is its higher CBD content, which provides more physical buzz and that’s why it continues to be an absolute favorite with the masses. 

K2 Seeds: This seed gets its name from the second highest peak in the Himalayas. The Indica and Sativa hybrid is mainly popular due to its heavy yield. Breeders go for Sea of Green method with K2 seeds as it offers excellent results with this one. Due to its short flowering time, the undercover seeds growers also prefer it over many other strains. The buds are heavy, and tight and have a very compact overall structure; this is why it is immensely popular with indoor growers who usually deal with lack of growing space. On a trusted online cannabis seeds supplier like www.high-supplies.com, you can buy it for a very reasonable price of €20.

Super Skunk Seeds: This special cannabis seed is a cross breed between Skunk Special and Skunk #1. This seed is as powerful as the hashish you get at some of the illegal coffee shops, and it is the powerful buzz and string flavor that makes it popular with the masses. 

Bubblelicious Seeds: The strain is largely developed in the Midwest of USA. The seed is a very old one and became popular with both the growers and smokers alike. It came in Netherlands in 1990 and became a hot favorite even in this region. The fast growth-cycle and great yield result at the end makes it one of the most feasible cannabis seeds choices for indoor growers.

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