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5 Best Seeds For Outdoor Growing In 2023

5 Best Seeds For Outdoor Growing In 2023

Great Ganja For An Outdoor Garden: The Best Outdoor Weed Strains In 2023

Despite the advances in LED lights, ventilation, and hydroponics, nothing could fully replace the power of the great outdoors. True, outdoor cannabis is at the mercy of meteorology, but it also enjoys the many benefits of the natural elements. 

Plus, since there’s no ceiling outdoors, it’s far easier to grow cannabis strains without worrying about height requirements. Indeed, many of the top outdoor weed strains are ultra-tall sativa-rich strains. While growing skyscraper sativas indoors is possible, it’s far easier to manage their tall height in a less-restrictive outdoor environment. 

Five Great Cannabis Seeds For Outdoor Cultivation

You could conceivably grow every cannabis strain outdoors, but there are a few hybrids that appear to do better in outdoor gardens. If you have mild spring, summer, and autumn seasons, the following strains should turn out great in an outdoor ganja garden. As a bonus, the feminized cannabis seeds listed below are easy to find on reputable online seed banks and in weed dispensaries.  


HulkBerry is a relatively new cannabis cultivar, but it has already become a “smash” in the European cannabis market. First developed in Spain at Royal Queen Seeds, this sativa-rich strain has traces of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. 

On average, you should expect HulkBerry flowers to have THC content well above 25 percent, so go easy with these nugs if you have a low THC tolerance. While this “Hulk-sized” THC content can produce euphoria and a head buzz, it can trigger paranoia if you overindulge. 

Given its Spanish roots, HulkBerry tends to prefer a mild Mediterranean environment. However, many cannabis cultivators say HulkBerry’s seeds are fairly resilient in any moderate climate. HulkBerry doesn’t appear to present any unique risks for pest or mold infestation as long as you follow standard growing practices. 

When HulkBerry reaches full maturity, it could yield as much as 650 - 700 grams per plant and measure 200 cm in height. Expect HulkBerry buds to be ready for harvest around September. 


Gelato has become a gold standard in the “sweet strain” category. Luckily for outdoor growers, this dessert hybrid is also a “treat” to plant outdoors. Many outdoor cultivators claim Gelato does best in warm and temperate zones with an average temperature in the 70° F range during summer. Gelato is also easy to manage with a max height of about 150 cm. 

The Gelato strain first emerged in California, and it’s reputed to be a mix of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. The combination of these strains gives Gelato an unmistakable fruity and sugary terpene profile best reserved for late-day use. In addition to its delightful dessert flavors, Gelato leans on the indica side of the spectrum. The slight indica dominance and 20-plus-percent THC content make Gelato a fantastic “relaxation” strain that often results in couchlock sedation. 

You could yield as much as 400 grams of Gelato per plant when grown properly. Expect to harvest these delectable nugs around October. 

Moby Dick

Captain Ahab may not have been after the bright-white Moby Dick flowers, but plenty of cannabis growers are fans of this “whale” of a strain. Created with a mix of White Widow and Haze, Moby Dick is an uber-tall sativa strain that could reach 300 cm without using techniques like topping, ScrOG, or low-stress training (LST). Even if you’ve got plenty of space outside, you may want to consider training this “great white” strain during vegetation. 

Moby Dick’s flavors and cannabinoid percentages are just as oversized as its appearance. Most often, Moby Dick flowers have over 20 percent THC content and a potent mix of citrus and pine flavors. The sativa-heavy genetics make Moby Dick best-suited for those who like “heady” euphoric strains. Also, thanks to the strong traces of White Widow, Moby Dick flowers often have dense layers of sticky trichomes. If you’re into pressing rosin, then Moby Dick’s resinous buds will yield great results. 

Amazingly, dozens of outdoor growers claim they brought in over 1,000 g of Moby Dick nugs from just one well-trained plant. You should notice Moby Dick is ready for harvest around late October or early November. 

Durban Poison

Durban Poison has been an excellent marijuana strain for centuries. Although this landrace didn’t appear in North America until the 1970s, it flourished throughout South Africa for a long time before then. This 100 percent sativa strain evolved to perform well in a subtropical climate with moderate humidity. 

Like many other landrace strains, Durban Poison has built a solid resistance to mold, pests, and mildew. As a bonus, this strain grows faster than most other sativa-rich strains. Typically, Durban Poison will reach full maturity in September. Most outdoor growers claim Durban Poison reaches a height of about 350 cm and yields 350 g per plant. 

Although Durban Poison is one of the easier sativas to grow, please remember that there are zero indica traces in this strain. Durban Poison’s near-psychedelic experience will floor anyone unprepared for a “sativa-rush”. This strain is ideal for cannasseurs who enjoy euphoric effects and a mostly earthy & hashy flavor profile. 

White Widow 

White Widow is arguably the “queen” of Amsterdam’s coffee shop scene. First created in the 1990s, this sativa-forward mix of South Indian and Brazilian landraces is famous for its frosty white appearance. White Widow has also won the hearts of many cannabis fans for its fantastic blend of spicy and citrusy terpenes. 

Although White Widow is a sativa-dominant hybrid, it typically has about 40 percent indica concentration. For this reason, White Widow tends to be easier for both new tokers and cultivators. The relatively high concentration of indica genetics makes White Widow easier to manage during flowering and less likely to induce severe paranoia. 

Generally, White Widow reaches a modest height of 250 cm and can yield about 300 g per plant. Expect to harvest your White Widow nugs in October. Oh yeah, and be sure to wear gloves when harvesting these ultra-sticky nugs!

Find A Strain That’s Suitable For Your Summer Season! 

Although the strains listed above perform well in mild outdoor gardens, please always consider your average climate and topography. Cannabis is highly adaptable, but it has limitations. Some hybrids specifically bred indoors may require particular environments that aren’t replicable in your area. 

For the best results in your outdoor garden, always consider your strain’s specifications and the average temps, humidity, and weather patterns in your region. Considering all of these factors will ensure you pick the best outdoor cannabis seeds.