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4 Useful Tips to Improve Air Flowing the Process of Growing Cannabis

4 Useful Tips to Improve Air Flowing the Process of Growing Cannabis

Among the most important indoor growing conditions for cannabis, the right availability of light, air, humidity and temperature is crucial. Out of these vital aspects for growing cannabis indoors, we would be focusing on air in this particular post. Here are few useful tips to improve the quality of air when growing cannabis indoors. 

Use an Extractor Fan System

You need to use an extractor fan system that is adequately big to exchange the total air volume in the grow room every few minutes. For instance, let us consider a grow room of size 1.2m by 1.2m by 2m. The total air volume here should be 2.88m3.  

If this volume has to be modified every 2 minutes, then the ventilator’s hourly capacity is 86.4m3/ hr (2.88 x 30). The quantity of air that can be stirred by any specific extractor is called its CFM rating. Though, this number is applicable only to air extraction. 

Consider Carbon Dioxide 

All professional cannabis cultivators admit that adding extra carbon dioxide to a grow room will have good effects on the cannabis crop yield. The reason for this is as follows. While the carbon dioxide levels in air are 390 parts per million (ppm) on an average, cannabis can synthesize 1500 – 2000 ppm. Though, you need to remember that it should be added at different times to the air extraction; the grower needs to have extra timers to ensure that the extractor is off when carbon dioxide is on.  


If you are growing cannabis indoors, humid environment is the cause for damaging most of the plants due to several diseases. Using a humidity gauge is the solution to this problem as it helps a lot in improving the quality of air by dehumidifying.  Ensure that you use a dehumidified if the indoor growing environment is very moist.  This will help in safeguarding your marijuana plants and also helps them to produce increased resin since the dry atmosphere is like a moisturizer, retaining the moisture in the leaves.  

Oscillating Fans  

Though oscillating fans do not produce adequate movement of air to cool down a room, they are great in circulating it within the space, thus assisting to reduce the hot spots. They are also greatly useful to the plant since they can reproduce fresh breeze and help in stronger growth of the stem. Movement of fresh air also prevents fungal and mold diseases, especially to the buds. A wall mounted fan is good enough to achieve this task.  

Follow these tips to ensure good ventilation and much-needed high quality air for your indoor marijuana plants. In addition to this, if you provide the right soil, water and light conditions, you would reap a great harvest.