4 Downsides of Growing Cannabis Legally

Published : 03/7/2014 17:00:26
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You may be for it or against the whole thing, but even if you belong to a state that allows growing of marijuana legally, there are certain downsides you must be aware of, before you start growing the seeds. Mentioned here are 4 downsides of growing cannabis seeds legally. 

Despite Being Legal, The Regulations Are Not Easy To Deal With

Even if you are in a state that allows legal growing of marijuana it is important that you understand what the term “legal” means here. There is always a restriction on number of plants that you can grow and often people ignore this fact. For example in a state where growing more than 99 plants is not allowed, people usually go overboard without realizing that they are breaking the law and when they get prosecuted they only get confused. Then you should not distribute or grow marijuana within a 1,000 feet distance of any school or any other place where children often gather. Now you may end up making this mistake even without knowing and the authorities may get a chance to come down on you. 

It Requires a Lot of Hard Work 

We don’t say this to discourage the growers as those who are passionate enough may not feel this but the beginners should and must know about the amount of hard work and precision that go into growing cannabis seeds. For beginners you need to create identical environment as the outdoors. That is like creating a climate in a cabin that differs from outside climate. You need to have ample space for growing and should arrange all your resources in a proper manner and monitor the growth every single day till the date of harvesting.  

High Initial Cost 

Now, this can be a problem for some, because getting your hands only on some cannabis seeds is not going to help. You need capital for infrastructure that is used for breeding these plants. For beginners, you need to buy high power specialized lights for the process of growing the seeds. It might shock you but each of these lights usually cost around $300, and you would need minimum of 6 such lights if you really want to get into organized cannabis growing. Similarly, all other equipment needs for the process are likely to burn a big hole in your pockets too.  

Dealing with Weird People Around You! 

When you are growing cannabis you are always surrounded by crazy and weird people who don’t think twice before making your life a living hell. Right from raising funds, trimming plants, selling the final product to generating profit, you would need to deal with sketchy characters all throughout, and it would never be easy. 

That said, unlike shown in movies cannabis enthusiasts are not the laid back pot smoking stoners, but most of them are normal folks like yes, which makes it even more difficult to deal with them in terms of business.

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