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4 Awesome Cannabis Seeds Less-Experienced Growers Should Try Out in 2016

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4 Awesome Cannabis Seeds Less-Experienced Growers Should Try Out in 2016

It’d always pay off to grow some cannabis plants to get a consistent supply just a few weeks down the line.

Can You Grow Cannabis Easily?

There are well over half a million folks in UK that grow cannabis successfully, and you can pretty much do it too, if you get the right seeds, especially the auto-flowering ones that have high levels of resistance. For those on the lookout for some fine cannabis seeds, here are four fantastic options.

K2 Seeds

K2 regular cannabis seeds are ideal for amateur growers as they don’t require too much of space. They grow out to be potent plants that deliver amazingly smooth smoke that doesn’t fail to impress even the seasoned smokers!

In its initial stages, K2 won't spread any odor, but when the buds appear, you’ll certainly notice the spicy skunk-like smell that gives a good preview of what it’s actually capable of delivering. You get an all-round body buzz when you puff, and it cultivates far better than its White strain siblings.

Early Bud and Early Girl

If you’re looking for a disease-resistant strong plant that’s a breeze to maintain, then Early Girl should be your pick.

Her delicious buds don’t fail to blow away just about anyone, and you can grow her either indoors as well as outdoors. Hence, it makes a great choice for novice growers, who can’t deal with the intricacies of maintaining the plants. 

Early Girl is yet another cool choice, which happens to be her sibling… However, Early Bud is far more balanced, smoother, and subtle than her smaller sister. Currently, is offering pack of 10 seeds of the Early Bud at a discounted price of just €20 as opposed to regular price of € 30.

Top 44 feminized seeds

These cool feminized seeds are ideal for beginner growers as they grow quickly, strongly, and stay healthy on account of their disease-resistance power, and mold. 

You can order them at a discounted price of just €25 from High Supplies.

Afghani Hindu Kush 

It’s indica dominant, and doesn't grow very tall, making it an ideal pick for indoor growers that have limited space to play around with, though you can always grow it outdoors with equal ease too.

So, the less experienced growers won’t have any issues, and resin that comes out from branch to top of bud certainly makes a lovely sight for just about anyone!

Order Them Online!

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