3 Superb Regular Cannabis Seeds for Getting a High Yield

Published : 11/11/2014 15:25:07
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3 Superb Regular Cannabis Seeds for Getting a High Yield

Irrespective of the purpose for which they grow marijuana, every grower would aim at harvesting a high yield from his plants. Few growers may be ready to invest any amount of money for getting high yields, but there are few others who would not want to spend much but still get a good yield.  

It is recommended that such growers opt for regular cannabis seeds that produce high yield since the price of such seeds is much lower when compared to the feminized or auto-flowering varieties that offer high yields. Here are the top 3 regular cannabis seed strains that are capable of producing very high yields.  

Misty Seeds 

Misty regular cannabis seed strain is an excellent choice for growers looking for a high yield, but has limited space. It produces a strong relatively light smoke, which is great for an extraordinary taste. Further, the fact that it is easy to grow this strain makes it ideal for beginners. This resinous plant remains bushy and short, while it has a very strong flavor and smells sweet. It also grows very quickly, taking a flowering period of just 8-9 weeks. Misty is ideal for both outdoor and indoor cultivation. 

Ice Seeds 

Ice cannabis strain, being an extended type of White Widow, has lots of good qualities, which urge it to promise big buds and so a high yield. A hybrid of sativa and indica breed, this plant is the ideal combination of quality and quantity. The yields are equally good with either hydro growing or soil cultivation. When grown outdoors, Ice is capable of yielding 500 grams per square meter. It is suitable for cultivation in places with Mediterranean weather conditions. This strain is used by many patients to relax during highly stressful times or when they suffer from pain or insomnia.  

Blue Mystic 

Blue Mystic is good choice of regular cannabis seed strain for those who love a relaxing effect, sweet berry taste, and high yields. It is very popular for its soft blue hues. With an earthy and smooth taste, it also has a tinge of blue berry flavor. Another aspect that has made this strain popular apart from the soft blue hues and high yield is its good shelf life. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing, Blue Mystic cannabis loves the sunny climatic conditions. It has a flowering period of around 55 – 65 days.  

All cannabis cultivators looking for regular cannabis seeds that produce really high yields should certainly try the above mentioned varieties. high-supplies.com is the right place to purchase all kinds of cannabis seeds of the best quality at unmatched prices.

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