Caramelicious Seeds Give The Sweet Smell And Citrus Aroma

Published : 11/10/2017 16:42:10
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Caramelicious Seeds Give The Sweet Smell And Citrus Aroma

This strain is often served as a dessert after the meal as it is sweet and good flavored.

Dark Leaves

This plant is short statured which has dark green leaves. The leaves which are big give the bushy look to the plant. The stem of the plant is robust and gives good yield even if the weather is not much favorable or rather harsh. The buds are frosty and have orange hairs on it. The strain of this weed has THC of about 20%. 

Good Caramel Smell during Harvest

As the name tells there is a caramel smell in the plant when the harvest time is nearing. The taste of this strain is said to be sweet. The flavors are vanilla, honey and of course caramel mixed. The strain reacts faster and has same effect to the body and mind. There is a feeling of relaxation and joy which gives a small joy. The brain does not feel giddy as it is not affected much.  This weed is used for medical purposes where in there is a lot of relief in pain and stress patients. 

Newbies Can Surely Try This

Even newbie’s grow this plant without any complaint. The people who have started cultivating Marijuana newly can surely try this breed to get good yield. It is better to use the prescribed fertilizers then the yield will be good. If more fertilizers are used then the smoke may become harsher to change the taste of some strain. If the plant is grown outdoors then it is better to keep them under other trees to avoid the cold climate. 

Red And Purple On Buds

The sticky fat buds from Caramelicious seeds is as good as a dessert and thus many people prefer it after dinner. There are red and purple colors on the buds. The THC and CBD levels are high in the strain. The strain is used for many medical purposes. This has the qualities of both Indica and sativa where in there is sweet taste and good yield. For beginners it is good as with some negligence also it gives a good yield. 

Conditions For Growing

This plant grows to a height of about 65 cms. The yield is about 450 gms for a plant. The plant gets buds for about 8 to 9 weeks. THC is about 15 to 20 % in the strain. The strain is so good that they are used in pastries like brownies. 

If grown indoors than Caramelicious seed needs soil or hydroponics. Lights or LED has to be used as sunshine is not present inside. The pain killing properties of the seed helps it to be used for medical purposes. The smell is not harsh and thus smoke and strain is not much concentrated. 

Whether it is a novice or an experienced cultivator, they enjoy farming this breed. There is high yield and good profit.

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