Cannabis cultivation with pots and nutrition

Published : 10/31/2013 15:30:53
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When you control cannabis seeds, it is very wise to first determine where you want to plant them, from where they will benefit from making the most ideal growth conditions?
Also think about how you want to plant, do you have enough space to place in the ground would you prefer to plant them in pots?
The good side of planting in pots is that whenever it is necessary you can move them to another place, for example if the weather is changing for the worse, it would be ideal if you can Protect them from bad weather influences just to pick them up and place them inside or at least under a roof, especially when they are already in their bloom phase.
The good side of growing in the ground is that roots have unlimited space to grow, plants get much larger and higher than when growing pot, which automatically results in a much higher yield.
When you choose to grow in pots be sure the pots are big enough, remember that roots like and really need space, the only plant enjoys happy roots!
For example if you are becoming a Sativa strain it is highly recommended to get the biggest pot you can possibly find because Sativa are the largest producers of cannabis plants.
Pot cultivation can deplete the soil due to hot weather or watering with water because nutrition will be washed into the soil, the plant also takes in addition to nutrition during the flowering stage.
Although cannabis plants can take a lot of water, be careful not to give too much, because then the roots will not be able to get oxygen and die.
The best way to determine if you need to water your plants is to stick your finger into the soil if you feel wet at the end of your finger the roots still have enough water and you can spend one or two Days of watering.
Soil from a special store magnification holds more nutrition then soil from a normal flower store that contains a simple diet that will hold for about 3 weeks even then it is wise to give extra and particular nutrition , Especially when the flowering phase begins.
Neither way it is important to always keep an eye on your growing cannabis plants because with this extra attention you can hardly go wrong and you will be able to enjoy these beautiful healthy buds!

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