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5 Facts to Know About Before You Start Growing Cannabis Seeds

If you are in a country that allows you to legally grow cannabis seeds or even if you want to grow them privately, there are few important things that you must know about.

So, here are 5 important facts that you must consider before you think of growing these marijuana seeds.

Things That You Will Need: You need a container for every plant that you grow, fertilizer, seeds, high quality grow light, and potting soil. You need a controlled environment with fresh air that comes through a good ventilation system. There should also be an exhaust unit that takes the air out of the room from the opposite direction.  

As cannabis grower, you must understand that plants don’t grow well in a suffocated condition. If you are using a controlled environment such as a cabinet or a tent you may also need a thermostat that regulates and maintains the same temperature throughout. The grow light should have vegging bulb and you would also need a flowering bulb.  

Additional resources needed include –


nutrient supplements, 

carbon filter, 

an oscillating fan, 

a thermometer, 

PH test and timers, 

tarps for the floor, and high quality extension cords 

Understanding What Is A Vegging Light Bulb 

It is actually a set up wherein there is an indoor garden where you create an ambience of growing periods seen in summer and spring and a light that is mainly on white and blue spectrum is used. During the vegging state, the plants are encourages to produce new leaves. This is a period where you want the plant to at least reach the half of its full size that you want to see at the end of the growth.  

Is It Easy to Begin With Cuttings? 

Cuttings are something you can easily get from your friends, or a dispensary that provides medical marijuana. In countries where growing cannabis is legal, you can also get them at the retail stores. Usually you can get them for around $10. The cuttings must be totally quarantined and should be thoroughly doused with something like organic neem oil for more than 20 days. Begin with the seeds. Those who bring a close from any dispensary always have their plants already infested with powdery mildew or spider mites. The worst blunder you can commit is but one of those plants that have hell lot of insects.  

Is the gender of the seeds important? 

Yes, indeed - it is very important to know the gender of seeds you are buying as it is only the female seeds that produce the flowers, which is exactly the crop you should be looking for. Some of the companies also sell them as feminized seeds; these seeds have much higher chances of being female seeds. But the most recommended ones are the regularly bred seeds.  

Should you be bothered about the aroma during cannabis growth? 

The fact is these plants do release a weird and very different aroma that can be easily detected. You can by an odor mitigation system from a hydroponic store. Carbon filters do the best job.