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Cannabis recycling

A squarish shaped container like a plastic milk jug is certain to offer an ideal solution for the plant pots. A square shaped container offers the benefit of providing more space and rooting area. An advantage of using the plastic containers is that this is a cost-effective option for getting started. A 2 L soda bottle offers a great alternative, but this isn’t of course square. They are able to take the plants to 3 ft to the mature hydroponic. A suitable sized container, like a litter box, is able to hold 13 or so soda bottles for easy handling and storage. Once the plants start to develop it will be necessary to start spreading them out. 

A variety of options are available for planting the seeds, which might include plastic rubbish bins, paper paint buckets, 3 to 5 gallon containers (from the paint and food industry), and old buckets. 

Avoid using containers or cartons that have contained juice or milk since these can be very difficult to have sterilised and this might mean that fungus is introduced to the growth process. Make use of the more inert materials like plastics. 

Prior to use make certain that the container used is carefully sterilised with suitable chlorine bleach which consists of 1 gallon of water and two tablespoons of bleach. Give the medium and container a good soak in the solution for a one or two hour and carefully cleaning.