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Oxygen cannabis plant

Plant growth is certain to benefit with the ideal O2 to the roots. O2 is a requirement for the plants in order to get the ideal nutrients and eliminate toxins. A simple step to increase oxygen in the water is to rely on one of the food grade hydrogen peroxide solutions. H2O2 contains added oxygen atoms which help with providing the plants with its required growth needs. A product like Oxygen Plus includes 25% hydrogen peroxide and is known as a plant food so perfect to use. 

High quality planting soil with sufficient aeration is likely to be the ideal option. Good drainage is achieved with mixing the medium with gravel, sand, or Perlite. Avoid those soils that are likely to hold water since this is certain to lower the oxygen available for the plants. 

It might also benefit if able to aerate the water prior to use. A soil based potted plant is certain to benefit from this process. Aerating the water is a process that can be done overnight so it is ready for when the plants need watering. Alternatively, you can pour the water inside a suitable container and shake for several minutes prior to pouring into the plant pot.