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Safety and privacy

A significant issue with constantly running the high-powered lamps for growing the cannabis plants is this is likely to have an impact on the energy bills and likely to be noticed by the utility companies. Police are often able to detect the growers with a tip off from the energy suppliers. If a general inquiry is made by the suppliers you might be able to claim late hours, multiple TVs and electrical devices, extra people living in the home, regular use of heaters, etc. If you receive a knock-on door from the police, you might want to avoid letting them in, and take the necessary action to relocate the plants to a new location as soon as possible. 

Once the plants have been relocated to a new site, it might be beneficial to keep the electricity usage at above standard usage to avoid making your electricity use seem suspicious in the future. 

Certain potential tell-tale signs of cannabis growth include heat expelled from areas in the home that would normally be cool, frequently open windows, and light leaks. It might benefit to avoid using a burglar alarm when away from home since this is likely to attract the attention of the police if it goes off for no apparent reason or youngsters take a fancy to what is in the garden area. But, make certain that the home is locked and secure prior to leaving for the holidays. 

It is also likely to be beneficial to consider those situations where it might be necessary to let visitors inside the property. Pets, neighbours, meter readers, solicitors, and repairmen might need to be considered in the internal layout and use of the home.