Security growing

It is often said the pot plants are able to completely blend with the surrounding plants and remain unidentified unless seen by those that know what they are looking at. 

A cannabis plant that starts the growth process late in the season isn't likely to get that tall and therefore unlikely to attract any undesired attention if located next to similar sized plant life. It is even possible to conceal the taller plants if planted in close proximity to trees, shrubs or similar.

In an outdoor situation you want to make certain to control access to the planting site and make certain to avoid arousing suspicion. Space out the plants in various different locations to avoid creating a recognisable pattern. Aim to blend them into the existing landscape in such an area that is still able to attract the ideal level of natural sunlight throughout the day. Located in small groups and along fence lines is certain to the idea. It might be possible to look for plants that are able to easily blend with the existing plant life. Nitrogen can be used in the process of making the plants appear much greener to match the surrounding. Many cultivators look at attaching plastic flowers to the plant to make it seem like a more typical flower plant. 

Also, look at disguising the visits to the cannabis plants. An inspection at the time of a full moon or when you are mowing the lawn or pruning the bushes is likely to be ideal. Just make it look like you are doing regular work in the garden to make certain you aren't seen to be suspicious. 

Lowering the height of the plants is possible by digging a hole and placing the pot inside. This has the potential to lower the plant height by 1-ft or more. 

Many growers are likely to look at topping the plant once it is able to achieve a height of 12 inches or so. This should make certain a more reasonable height is maintained for the plants in the garden. A plant at a practical height can even be grown in full view in the garden without arousing suspicion.