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Cannabis%20-%20sativa-indica.jpgGenetics and the cannabis plant

A significant aspect in the growth of cannabis plants is good genetics. Source the seeds from a locally based gardener, which are bred and acclimated to thrive in the local climate and provide great floral characteristics. Resistance to pests and the fungus, early maturation, fast growth, aroma, and potency are all key factors for enjoying a successful harvest. 

Aim to source a Sativa/Incida hybrid where possible since this is highly likely to offer the ideal characteristics for inside growth and development. An indica plant is likely to feature a stony and heavy high there is quite tiresome, and sativas are quite difficult to produce inside the home for the reason of requiring different light and providing late flower traits. Because of these reasons, a hybrid is highly likely to provide the earlier growth and maturation of the indica plant and the more cerebral, energetic high coming from the sativa plant. 

A sativa plant is recognised by its finger-like and narrow leaves. A indica plant is more likely to feature very rounded and broad leaves. A hybrid is able to combine the finer features of the plants and leaves are a mixture of the two variations, much wider than the sativa, and narrower than the indica. It should be possible to tell the appearance of the hybrids once you are able to notice the tell-tale signs of the leaves. 

Ideally, you want to search for the light grey or dark brown colored cannabis seeds. Many of the seeds are likely to feature dark lines which might resemble tiger stripes. A small, white-coloured seed is still in its immature stage and shouldn't be planted.