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A possibility is certainly there to harvest the cannabis plants and then vegetatively rejuvenate them in the hope of growing a second and possibly third harvest. An extra harvest is likely to be achievable within a short time-frame, something like six to eight weeks. Since you already have a plant with the formed roots and stork it makes it easier to reproduce future harvests that much more efficiently. In the process of harvesting you want to look at cutting the upper one third of the stem. 

Cut off the buds carefully and leave the healthy fan leaves. With the lower one third of the stem, you want to start trimming the end of flowers, but leave a small number of flowers in place. This is the area of the plant used in the regeneration process. A higher number of buds ensure a faster regeneration process. Plant food like Miracle Grow or similar is helpful after harvesting. In the process of regenerating a plant, you always need to guarantee that it isn't starved of nitrogen in the maturing stage, since this is likely to mean the sun leaves will start to drop off. 

A plant that is harvested and in the process of rejuvenation can be located inside the home under a constant light source or if there isn't sufficient natural sunlight, they can be left outside. In most cases signs of fresh growth will be noticed within a period of seven to 14 days. Unlike a more traditional growth pattern, the plants will start to sprout the lower branches in the first instance. Give the plant sufficient time to develop vegetatively and then relocate outdoors to permit the re-flowering. Alternatively, the plants can be left indoors if requiring the vegetative trimmings. You should now be in a position of having up to three generations of plants growing (regenerated, vegetative and seedlings) and might require extra space. 

An issue with regenerating inside the home relates to the problem of the plants being infected by certain diseases or pests. In this instance it is likely to benefit is able to create separate area inside the home that is able to ensure the plants aren't likely to impact other areas. If you would prefer to avoid regenerating inside it is possible to wait until the warm summer arrives to start the process. A June harvest is ideal and provides the plants with an opportunity to regenerate by keeping a number of lower buds and leaving the central section of leaving at harvesting time. 

Make certain to locate the plants in an area that receives sufficient sunlight and feed with nitrogen. The regeneration will take place throughout the summer and should be available by the time that autumn comes around, when flowering is able to progress again.