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Odours and negative ions

A practice for cutting down on odours in the grow room is by using the negative ion generators. It has often been reported that these generators are able to help with increasing the growth yield and speed. It isn't impossible to rely on positive research on this matter; however these claims are certain to make sense since animals and humans are able to experience positive thoughts when negative ions are in the atmosphere. You might wish to test this theory and place one of the negative ion generators in the grow room. A pointer to note with using these generators is that the buds aren't likely to have such a scent, but that can be a positive in a lot of situations. 

A starter negative ion generator is quite inexpensive to purchase although the cost is certain to be impacted by the power and class involved. Certain models are likely to feature the reversed cycles which are able to collect and hold the dust particles in the air. It might make sense to use aluminium foil which is grounded and placed on the shelf or wall space where the ionizer is situated. The foil will need cleaning every 30 days or so and it helps if it is grounded with the electricity outlet. If a shelf or wall space isn't covered with a foil of paper, there is a high chance that over time the dust and dirt attracted to the generator will turn the wall dark, and means this area will need repainting at a later date.