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Cannabis transplanting

Handling the cannabis plants is much more productive if you are tender and quick and progress with minimal shock to the plant life. Ideally, throughout the entire growth cycle you want to look at transplanting no more than twice. Transplanting is certain to be hard work, tricky, time-consuming, and certain to threaten the growth of the plant. You might want to start by using a large sized and square container. A 16 oz plastic cup might be sufficient or even 2 L soda bottles cut to size might even be enough for the initial growth process. Other options can include 1 gallon plastic water or milk containers that are square in shape. 

A straightforward approach is to start the seeding or cutting in a plastic 16 ounce cup. It helps if you are able to minimise the number of seedlings that will require transplanting in the future. Multiple cups are likely to take minimal space and give the opportunity to only transplant on the one occasion prior to harvesting. Transplanting can take place in a 1 gallon jugs (with the upper section removed) prior to promoting the growth of the flowers. In order to regenerate the plants, it will in necessary to relocate to a large sized container once the vegetative stage is noticed. A 5 gallon bucket is likely to help at this point and more space should ensure a better harvest. 

Tip: A recent study conducted in Russia indicated that the seedlings with approx 4 inches of soil or more for growing the tap root are likely to be female; this might show why the male/female ratio is in the region of 20%/80%.