Planting cannabis indoors

A compact space inside the home is likely to be used in the process of generating the cannabis seeds. Vegetative starts can be relocated to an outside location to help mature in the springtime once the last of the frost is cleared. An unused bathroom, a loft, a cellar area, or a closet in a room is certain to offer an ideal space. A larger production might require the use of an entire room. 

 A chosen growth area needs to be light leak-proof since this is likely to be beneficial in avoiding appearing suspicions to the outside world, which could attract undesired attention. 

Ventilation is certain to be highly beneficial. An open closet door might be sufficient ventilation in the area that isn’t lit up by large, heat generating lights. Ideally, you want to be in a position of installing separate incoming and exhaust air vents. A vent might lead into the loft or roof to exhaust air and a further vent is required for bringing the air in from the outside. A low-cost collection of tabletop fans are likely to help with circulating the air in a room. A dimmer switch is able to help in the regulation of the noise / speed of the fans. Use silicon to attach the fans with approx 4 to 6 inches of PVC piping that passes through a hole cut into the ceiling or flooring. Make certain to use a significant amount of silicon to ensure that any fan vibrations are dampened. 

Internal walls can be lined with an aluminium foil (dull side facing the room) to help avoid hotspots and defusing the light. Alternatively, the internal surfaces can be painted in a bright white to help with reflecting the light. Avoid using mirrors since the glass is likely to consume light. 

A floor surface will benefit from a lining of plastic to capture any water spills or similar issues. Install one of the voltage insulating sockets and verify the home wiring is able to manage the intended lights. HID lamps should be positioned above floor level to avoid damage in the event of a water spillage. 

A shelving unit positioned over the main growth area is likely to offer an ideal area for cloning cuttings and germinating the seedlings. Multi-level planting makes it possible to see a significant increase in growth space and can also provide a suitable area for storing gardening supplies, like the spray bottles and plant food. Since you are already in a very warm area it isn't likely to require investing in a warming pad for the germination process. 

It is likely to benefit to hang one of the light-proof curtains to help with separating the central area throughout the flowering process. This should mean that a constant source of light is able to penetrate the shelf and permit the required dark periods on the main growth area. Velcro is certain to help in keeping the curtain in position and ties at each end are likely to be required to keep the hands-free when tending the plant pots. A black vinyl material with a backing in a light colour is certain to offer the best choice. 

Lighting is significant in the set-up. One or two shop-style lights are certain to be ideal if planning on starting the growth process inside the home and then continuing in an outside greenhouse. A combination of a warm light and cool white type bulb is more likely to create the ideal light spectrum for achieving optimal plant growth. If on a limited budget and only able to afford the cool white lights, then they should be able to operate to a satisfactory standard.