4 Resourceful Inexpensive Growing Tips for Cannabis Seeds

Published : 02/17/2014 11:34:01
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Type of Seeds - Feminized, Auto flowering or Regular seeds?

Though all the above options look confusing to the novice growers, it’s better to research a bit about these terms to get to know what these are all about. The female plants can provide auto fem or feminized seeds, while there are many regular seeds that have similar effects. It’s now possible to get female plants from the regular seeds and there is no need to worry about removing male seeds or sexing the plant for better cultivation.

Flowering Time – Shorter the Better

It’s one of the key factors to be looked for when buying any seed; it’s recommend not to buy tall growing sativa seeds, which take 3 months to complete flowering. Keep the timing reasonable and don’t spend large amount as initial investment. Some strains could be very sensitive to light interruptions, and nutrient stages. The strains that you choose should be good for beginning using firm soil. 

Growing It Indoor Rather Than Outdoor

Since you would be giving a try, you would prefer to keep the growing process indoors rather than picking outdoor locations. You need to take care of seed from scratch and there should be lighting facilities given for the plant to be grown. Keep it in reasonable height and provide enough lighting as well. 

The Cost Factor

There are many types of seeds available in the market; few could be as less than €10, while few could exceed €50. Don’t pick all; it may be of interest to commercial growers, breeders, or collectors of seeds. 

Big Bud Regular Seeds

Big Bud regular seeds are best suited for big plants, and larger promising leaves; it’s a typical Indica type of plant. If you’ve large space for bushy plants and wide leaves, then these seeds are best to consider. 

Available for €20 at https://www.high-supplies.com/en/, it will grow into attractive Christmas tree form. The leaves would be healthier and deliver pleasant smell that makes you to wish for the end of growing stage. Citral is yet another seed with lovely sweet and spicy nature of cannabis; based on Indica breed, it can resist mold and cold climate. You can have a look at the website to explore more options.

The price should be under  €20; do not let the cost fool you. Some seed banks might offer best strains for lower range and if you feel that you’re capable of maintaining that, only then consider that great deal. 

White Seeds

White seeds could be a hardy plant, which develops potent buds; there could be insect problem during the process and hence ensure that you know how to deal with. Pests or insecticides can interfere with growing. White regular seeds are great treat for beginners. 

Auto-Flowering Seeds

You can also buy auto flowering seeds that cost in the range of€20 to €30. You would be surprised by the nice aroma while growing this seed. The sandalwood-like scent and delightful hash can please any cannabis grower.

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