Best Autoflowering Seeds

Published : 02/5/2019 14:36:01
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Best Autoflowering Seeds

It is their specialty to grow from the seeds to the finished buds within a matter of just 10 weeks that make them so popular with the marijuana growers. Their growth cycle doesn’t go longer than about 10 weeks irrespective of whether they are grown indoors or outdoors. 

How’s the Yield?

As their lifespan is very small compared to other types of weed seeds, you get short and small plants that are ideal for small corners in the house or garden that get enough sunlight. These small plants, of course, don’t give big yields like the ones who take around 6 months to grow fully. However, you can certainly expect 50 to 100 gm of yield per auto-flowering feminized plant. 

Quality of Seeds

Quality of the seeds plays an extremely important role in the success of cannabis growing. At you can buy some of the best quality auto-fem seeds at dirt cheap prices. 

Listed below are our top 5 picks of auto-flowering feminized seeds. 

AK 47: This hybrid strain is Sativa dominant and looks dark yellow with green buds. You can them totally covered with crystals. Dark reddish hair, very few in numbers, are visible only when the bud is broken. It does give a pleasant berry fruit smell with a strong skunk flavor to it. The misty and sweet taste of AK 47 is just loved by the weed smokers. 

Super Skunk: This can be considered as a legend in the world of auto-flowering feminized seeds as it has been hugely popular since more than two decades now. Its super potent, fragrant and vigorous qualities not only make it a hit amongst the smokers but also the growers. These high quality seeds are easily some of the finest marijuana seeds, both for a connoisseur or commercial marijuana grower. 

Northern Light: Even though these auto-fem seeds are popular with indoor growers, the ones who grow marijuana seeds outdoors can also easily grow them if they are blessed with warm climates. The best part about these seeds is, its plant starts growing flowers almost in no time and growers can start harvesting within just nine to ten weeks of planting the seeds. 

Amnesia Autoflowering: It is one of the most vigorous and precious cannabis plants that grow big and very fast. The leaves look mostly Sativa and the distance between the two nodes in these plants allow the light to fall equally all over the plant, which results in bigger size buds. The buds clearly tell the story of quality of Sativa in these weed plants. 

Diesel Autoflower: This famous auto-flowering weed seeds gives effect and taste like diesel and shares some of its traits with low-flowering Lowryder. This means the plants doesn’t change in its light cycle for growing as it flourishes on its own. These strains are suitable for growth even in the small cabinets but the only thing that growers have to be aware about is its smell is very strong.

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