Autoflower seeds and nutrients

Published : 02/5/2019 14:31:04
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Autoflowers are a crossing of Ruderalis and potent indicas but there are already strains available with strong sativa influences like the Amnesia Autoflower.

When you grow them indoors it is advisable to plant them in a special light mix soil, this soil provides enough nutrients to survive the growing phase and the soil isn't too tight in order to let the roots breathe and work.

The first period, the so called growing phase, there is no need to give her extra nutrients because the soil already provides enough to survive first weeks.
Only when the flowering phase starts to occur you can add a little nutrients, there are several nutrients available but make sure you purchase a special autoflower mix because they won't need as much as her indica/sativa sisters due to their reduced height and short time.

When the third set of leaves appear the flowering phase won't be long, this is the time to start adding nutrients, never overdo it because they just don't have the time to recover, this can ruin the whole plant or lowers the quality and taste of the buds, nobody wants to taste nutrients.
In some cases it depends on the strain but mainly when the leaves have this dark green color there are enough nutrients available in the soil, when the leaves have a light green color it can mean she needs extra nutrients.

When the leaves begin to show a sharp curly shape and dark mat color covered with a slight blue shade it is a sign she took in way too much nutrients, al you can do at this point is wash the soil clean and immediately stop giving extra nutrients.

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