Autoflowering cannabis seeds

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Autoflowering cannabis seeds

Compared to regular marijuana seeds the plants produced from the series of autoflowering cannabis seeds are able to skip the slow blooming cycle and begin this phase within a timeframe of four to six weeks after germination; irrespective of the quality of light received.

Once a further four to six weeks is passed, these plants are again ready for producing a fresh harvest. A quick growth cycle means it is...


  • Amnesia autoflower
    Amnesia Haze autoflowering
    € 30
    Amnesia Haze Autoflowering is one of the latest versions on the auto flower field, promising appearance sativa with a...

  • Lowryder autoflowering
    € 30 € 40
    Lowrider is a popular auto-flowering cannabis seed that was actually developed for a very rapid growth cycle in which...

  • Northern Light autoflowering
    € 30
    Northern Light autoflowering feminized is a tasty easy plant to grow, perfect for beginners or growers with little time.

  • Diesel autoflowering
    € 30
    Diesel Autoflowering feminized seeds are the answer for late season growers, guerrilla growers or just for those who...

  • Skunk autoflowering
    € 30
    Skunk Autoflowering feminized mostly has Indica properties which quickly goes into the flowering stage and has a good...

  • White Widow autoflowering
    € 30
    White Widow autoflowering feminized seeds are the answer for inexperienced growers in all sorts of growing conditions.

  • AK 47 autoflowering
    € 30
    AK47 Autoflowering holds strong Sativa properties with nice smelling buds which are filled with a promising layer of...

  • Big Bud autoflowering
    € 35
    Big Bud autoflowering is a very quick grower like all Autoflower should, this makes it easy to plant and grow and the...