Cheap Cannabis Strains for Cultivation

Published : 11/26/2014 11:11:55
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Cheap Cannabis Strains for Cultivation

Though, it is crucial that you choose strains of good quality that are also available at reasonable prices. While there are several seed sellers and suppliers in the market today, is one of the best places to find great deals on cannabis seeds; you can also buy the seeds from this website right from the convenience of your home at the best possible prices.  

If you have been looking for cheap cannabis seeds, here’s the listing of our least expensive marijuana seed strains. Prices range from as low as €18 and range up to as high as €35. 

Pure Power Plant Seeds

Being the cheapest available seed, Pure Power Plant (PPP) marijuana seeds grow into very strong plants without disappointing any cultivator. As indicated by its name, this Indica dominating plant has pure power and can be grown into potent males as well as females. It is just essential to understand that the grower should not set them beside one another if they want to stay away from producing new seeds. Famous for the high yield it produces, this plant usually blooms in 8 – 10 weeks’ time. This variety can be easily cultivated indoors as well as outdoors. 

K2 Seeds

Next on our list is K2 marijuana seeds (costing around €20) that are capable of growing into potent plants without occupying too much space. So, they can be cultivated even in limited space due to their medium height. Due to this, the strain is very much apt for indoor cultivation. This has been a classic commercial cannabis strain for cultivation for a long time now. Apart from being a very easy strain to cultivate, K2 also produces a good yield. 

Master Kush Seeds

Master Kush marijuana seeds are again good variety for indoor cultivation is also priced pretty reasonably in the range of €25. Being a cross between Skunk and Hindu Kush, the smooth smoke that is produced gives a relaxing feel to one’s body. Though the plant grows only to medium height, the yield that is produced is amazing. This is a strain that can be used for medicinal purposes as well due to its neutral effect and strong taste. 

Super Skunk Seeds

The price of Super Skunk marijuana seeds is almost the same as that of Master Kush seeds in the range of €25. The great smell and taste is what makes this one of the most beloved strains for marijuana lovers, especially skunk strain enthusiasts. This sativa-dominant strain gives a high and strong feeling with a sweet and soft aroma when smoked, which is a real joy for the smokers to experience. 

Choose any of these cheap cannabis seed strain and you are sure to be satisfied with the yield, both in terms of quality and quantity.

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