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Why Should You Buy the Northern Light Feminized Seeds?

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Why Should You Buy the Northern Light Feminized Seeds?

With its high leaf-flower ratio, good yields, compact buds, and outstanding resin production, it is the best choice for indoor growers. is offering best quality seeds for a much-lesser price and this is the right time for growers to grab the opportunity. You can have a look at the current offerings and Northern Light is one of the top selling feminized cannabis seeds online. 

Northern Light is the feminized seed specially designed for indoor growing; it continues to wow both experienced and first-time cultivators. Having a natural sweet aroma, it is a cross of Afghani Indica. It features a great amount of HTC, high ratio of leaf to flower and very good resin production. This lucrative indoor Indica seed is purely feminized, producing dense buds, great leaf/flower ratio, and huge amount of resin. 


It’s the absolute easiest strain in and out; with little maintenance, it can produce full 18 percent THC and impressive yields. With 80 percent indica element, it has intoxicating stone, which is really a stress-buster. It has very low stealthy and profile and is perfect for indoors.

High quality Northern Light seeds from are full-bodied smoke and sweet tasting with heavy resin level. Choosing this product, you won’t be disappointed. Feminized cannabis seeds usually have lower hermaphrodites and less male species that ensure to grow a pure female yield, making it a good seed for advanced and novice growers alike. Northern Light feminized seed will generate more lovely female buds, potent THC crystals and big calyxes. 

Compact Buds and Great Yields 

The compact buds, great yields, and good resin production makes it perfect for indoor growing. It has full-bodied flavor, which has a stoned effect and its flavor lasts for longer time. Given sufficient water and food, and placed under sunlight, it can grow into a tree for better yield. 

The Afghan culture really pops through the smoke and if you’re looking for strong stone, then Northern Lights is perhaps the best choice. 

It was initially introduced in the United States during early 1970s and Holland in early 80s.With wonderful traits and compact buds; it has won many awards since past few years. 

Blend of Both Sativa and Indica Qualities

With multiple contest winnings, it has proven to be one of the best products around. It has both sativa and indica qualities. It assures loads of golden buds with zero to very few male flowers.  It has been used by the commercial growers for exceptional resin production.

You can order it online and all products come freshly packed with plastic, tight lipped envelops and are kept under most favorable temperature to maintain quality.  

Excellent Medical Qualities

The pure indica elements make this the best anxiety, pain, or stress reliever. The smoke taste is a lovely combination of musky pine and citrus, which makes it more pleasant to consume. The buds get a thick layer of resin, which smells fresh and sweet. 

If chosen to be grown outdoors and under natural conditions, the plant can be cultivated into healthy, thick shrubs. This is one such product that can be used as medical treatment as well as enjoyed for recreational purposes.