Where and How to Buy Marijuana Seeds

Published : 01/23/2021 10:13:33
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Where and How to Buy Marijuana Seeds

So you’ve decided to start growing your own marijuana plants. It might be your first time, and you might have done it before with amazing or poor results. In any case, growing your own cannabis is an exciting experience and could even feel therapeutic, especially during the Covid-19 era. Even if you’ve got everything set up, getting the right seeds is probably the most important step ―and navigating the seed banks can be particularly confusing.

This guide will answer the questions you most likely have when researching the cannabis seed market before you venture into your gardening experience. 

Where to buy cannabis seeds?

If you live in an area where recreational and/or medicinal cannabis is legal, your local dispensary may sound like the best option to obtain seeds. However, while a conveniently located store and your favorite bartender might be ideal for buying your beloved products, its options in seeds are most likely limited. 

Even if those are based in a nearby state or even in another country, purchasing seeds online from seed banks is the most recommended route. Online seed banks offer a much wider variety of strains than a local dispensary usually does. The majority of the most renowned seed banks are located in Europe, and they usually provide international shipping in discreet packaging.

Cannabis seeds are a sensitive purchase to make, so your supplier must be trustworthy and reliable. Many seed banks advertise themselves to be top-notch, but few of them live up the hype. However, it goes without saying that whatever you’re buying, it’s your responsibility to research your options and their backgrounds, looking for the one that best suits your expectations.

In any case, make sure that you check what other buyers are saying about the company you’re thinking of buying from ―and always pay attention to how user-friendly and informative their website is, as this is a good indicator of the service you’re going to get.

Which strain should I grow?

It’s safe to assume that you’ve been a cannabis user for a while, given that you’re currently searching for seeds to grow on your own. This means that even if you don’t have a favorite strain, you’re aware of what you’re looking for. What are your desired potencies, effects, smells? Look for the strain that best suits your needs, and try to find the appropriate seeds ―but avoid going for those more difficult to grow; otherwise, you’re in for a disappointment, more likely so if this will be your first time.

There are many variables for you to consider regarding the seeds' characteristics ―for example, you have to choose between Indica or Sativa, regular or autoflowering, feminized or non-feminized, etc. A factor you might not have thought of is the size of your growing space, as different strains require different measures, indoor or outdoor settings. As a general rule, Sativa dominant seeds tend to grow taller than those cultivated from Indica seeds.

Furthermore, it’s a fact that some strains are easier to grow than others, depending on their ability to survive against pests and mold. And don’t forget: not any soil is fit for growing any plant. So it might be a good idea to look for tips and guides on growing and make sure the soil you have access to is appropriate for cultivating your strain of choice before you make your purchase. 

There’s lots of great information about strains online, and seed banks provide a vast array of different options. Do some research on the strains and breeders, and pick the one you feel most confident about. In general, you can find seeds that are advertised as best for first-time growers, but the most important part is that you find a strain that you love; that way, you’ll experience great excitement during the whole process and really enjoy the fruit ―or bud―of your endeavors!

Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation

Some seeds thrive outdoors, while there are also ones that do better in an enclosed space. Depending on your premises, you can choose seeds to grow outdoor strains, like Durban Poison or Afghan Outdoor, which flourish in a natural habitat and tend to grow much higher, whereas those characterized as ‘indoor seeds’ are much more compact and convenient for the home-growers that don’t have a garden. Indoor species like Big Bud, Amnesia or White Widow require steady temperature and humidity levels, while their flowering can be influenced by regulating their light supply.

What’s the difference between regular, feminized, and autoflower seeds?

Regular Seeds

If you purchase a pack of regular cannabis seeds, you’re getting a mix of males and females. Those are popular among the cultivators that prefer more ‘raw’ seeds that haven’t been essentially inbred ―or backcrossed—, in contrast to autoflowering or feminized seeds. Getting regular seeds means that you will have to sex them out ―discard the male ones―, once their reproductive organs begin to show during the flowering phase. Male seeds do not produce any buds, but they pollinate the females, resulting in seeded flowers.

Feminized Seeds

Getting feminized seeds is a more time-effective process, as these start growing immediately after being put in the right soil, in the right climate. There’s no sexing out necessary, no males to discard, and you’re getting your buds in a much more straightforward manner.

This also reduces the risk of having a stray male sneak into your crop, which can happen even when you’re most careful; a single male seed can pollinate a huge crop, causing the females to start producing seeds instead of buds.

Autoflower Seeds

Those seeds are best for the less patient. Autoflower plants change from the vegetative to their flowering state as they age, not depending on their light cycle. The time between growing and harvesting is severely shorter than other seeds, reaching as little as over 2 months until the buds are ready to be cut. This sounds perfect. Why isn’t everybody getting autoflowering seeds? Well, there’s a major downside: buds from autoflowering seeds are typically less potent.

Are genetics really that important?

Among cannabis connoisseurs, a strain described as an ‘unstable’ genetic background began from a seed of unknown origin. We advise that you make sure to do your research and be confident about your choice of breeder. The latter is expected to share and back up the origin and full, stabilized genetic background of their product ―whether the seeds have been crossed and/or backcrossed, etc.

Getting seeds of unspecified nature and origin may result in inferior results, so you have to ensure the seed bank's quality, reliability, and suppliers. Most renowned seed banks will provide full backgrounds and lab test results on their products, so make sure to choose wisely based on all the information you can get.

Why Buy Marijuana Seeds From High Supplies

Established in 2006, High Supplies offers premium quality marijuana seeds with our customers’ best interest in mind. Among our extensive catalogue you’ll find over 50 different marijuana seeds, all of which were chosen according to their first-class germinal performance, resistance and adaptability.

Here at High Supplies, we are proud to say we only sell quality goods, at affordable prices. The genetic disposition of all of our premium, highly effective cannabis seeds is first-class, coming from breeds enhanced by our cultivators in the Netherlands. High Supplies Premium Cannabis Seeds are hybrids made up from Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. You can look through our online shop and search the broad range of seeds to find the ones that best suit your preferred cultivation method. Go for a breed suited for either indoor or outdoor cultivation, or look directly for some autoflower seeds; those are our top suggestion for beginners, given their easier-to-handle growth circle. Of course, once you’ve acquired some experience, moving up to more delicate seeds should be no problem.

Among others, you can choose Big Bud seeds for indoor growing, or Hollands Hope if you have a garden, while the feminized Blue Mystic is a must as well.

Our best selling strains include Afghan Outdoor feminized, White Widow Feminized, OG Kush Autoflowering and its hybrids, as well as Amnesia feminized and Pure Power Plant feminized, currently on special offer.

If you want to produce a strain that offers physical and mental relaxation, go for those with a high share of Indica genes, as they contain more CBD. For those who want a more activating effect, Sativa based seeds are a better option, as they contain more THC. You can view the approximate yield levels, flowering time, height and potency of each strain on our website. 


Buyers should know that all of our packages are shipped very discreetly in ample sized, padded envelopes or boxes with only your name and address written on. All handling and packaging fees are fixed, whereas there are variables regarding transport fees, depending on the weight of each shipment. We offer express shipping and credit card payment is available if you wish!

Hence, we advise you to group your items in one order, as two distinct orders cannot be placed separately and you’ll end up paying double for no reason; plus, you’re eligible for a free delivery if your order exceeds $100!


Note that our online store complies with the Netherlands legislation; make sure that you’ve checked your area’s laws regarding cannabis seeds, use and cultivation before making any purchases, as germination is still considered illegal in many countries and states.

Is it really safe to order marijuana seeds online?

Taking the nature of the product, it’s sensible that you need to be sure about the purchase you’re making. Even if they’ve done it before, home growers always wonder about the legal risks of having marijuana seeds delivered to them via mail. Legitimate, renowned seed banks offer shipping in very discreet packaging, usually equipped with all the necessary certificates to validate the product's legality, should your package be stopped by customs. However, that’s not a frequent occurrence, so if you’re legal and buying from a trustworthy vendor, you don’t need to worry.

How much do marijuana seeds usually cost?

As a general rule, marijuana seeds usually come in a pack of 10 to 12 individual seeds at prices ranging from about $40 a pack. However, potency, effects, and the work that has been done for each strain can have an impact on the pricing. In cases of hybrids, top quality seeds of rich genetic background, and potency, the rates can go up to $500 for a single pack! Also, feminized and autoflower seeds obviously cost way more than regular seeds due to the respective work and growing period, and overall quicker result. 

Always bear in mind that extremely low pricing is generally an indicator of bad quality regarding anything on the internet. Now that you know about the usual pricing and can browse our website and our recommended seed banks to make your own calculations, it’ll be easier to avoid scams. Since the huge popularity gain of the cannabis market, scammers appear all the time; for example, if you’re contacted via social media or over the phone to purchase marijuana seeds, chances are you’re being scammed. We advise that you always shop from established and renowned vendors, no matter how attractive some internet prices are ―and always look for valid customer reviews.

How many seeds should I buy?

It’s easy to figure out that not all the seeds you put in the soil will result in buds. Even if you’ve done everything right, a percentage of the seeds won’t germinate. This means that you should always count on a few not germinating or even dying off during the flowering phase ―let’s say, roughly 1/4 of the total number of seeds planted.

Moreover, if you’re buying regular seeds, you’ll have to calculate that the male ones will be discarded. Of course, not all feminized seeds will germinate as well, so make sure that you’ve done the math to avoid disappointment.

Speaking of math, let’s look at it this way: say you want a total of six plants to harvest for buds, starting with regular seeds. If you do the calculations, you’ll find out that you’re going to need more than 20 seeds at the beginning ―about four times as many, that is. A few will turn out to be males, some won’t even germinate, and of course, there’s always the possibility of some dying. If you’ve got feminized seeds to start with, you’ll need about twice as many for the same result ―about twelve, that is.

Finally, even in the areas where the home growing of cannabis is legal, there’s always a limitation concerning the number of plants cultivated at once, so make sure always to check the legislation.

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