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What Makes Blue Mystic Feminized Seeds a Favorite AmongstBoth Personal and Comme

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What Makes Blue Mystic Feminized Seeds a Favorite AmongstBoth Personal and Comme

It is very much alike in the manner of the northern lights displaying all the needed qualities of the marijuana strain. These qualities mainly add up to the appeal of its own vibrant and colorful appearance. It results in a light berry sort of after-taste when smoked. Blue mystic tends to showcase a neutral smell while growing and when it’s in the grow room when compared to several other strains. 

Medium Growth Size

The Blue mystic feminized marijuana doesn’t grow very long. Instead, it has a manageable growing size that results in ease while growing them. On an average, it takes around 55-65 days to grow the mystic plant. The Blue mystic plant cannot be grown in all weather conditions. It demands sunny weather or sunny-like artificial weather conditions to grow. When smoked, this plant can result in great highness as a high level of THC can be found in the Blue mystic feminized marijuana buds. 

Can be Grown Indoors as well as Outdoors

This feminized cannabis can be grown either in the indoor area or outdoors without much difficulty. The genetics of Indica can be found in the plant’s strain. The Blue mystic feminized seeds can be bought online at in the most effortless manner at reasonable rates. 

The Exquisite Marijuana Strain

Around California/Oregon, people found an exquisite marijuana strain, which was later developed into feminized seeds to invent Blue Mystic; this Indica dominant plant, which is short-stacked with a little stretching, can grow up almost like a bonsai or a broccoli. The plant can grow up to just 1 m tall but it is always advised to the growers to either pinch or top the plant so that it produces more of a bushy plant. 

The tree cannot grow too much vertically; however, bushing up of the volume of the plant sideways can yield better results and product. A week longer than the normal in veg is also recommended with the blue mystic so as to maximize the output. The plant demands few desirable conditions to grow like the warmth of the California or Mediterranean and it would not do very well in the northern Europe. 

Short Harvest Period of Under 8 Weeks

The blue mystic feminized plant out of the seed can be harvested after 8 weeks of plantation. The 8 weeks of growing can yield a vibrant sweet taste of farm fresh fruits. But, if you let it grow over 8 weeks, the plant can lose some of its taste but it will definitely pay you back with a high stoned effect. It is highly recommended to let your plant grow to the most so as to get the full flavor out of it. 

The flavor of Blue mystic should be good enough to provide sweet and refreshing smoking experience by giving the smoker a taste of drinking actual juice. The intense flavors of this plant are equivalent to the super potent Indica stone that has the capability to leave the user high for a very long time.