Take Advantage of the Price Drop on Cannabis Seeds This Festive Season

Published : 07/27/2015 13:47:19
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Take Advantage of the Price Drop on Cannabis Seeds This Festive Season

Some of the folks prefer to pick it off the shelves, while there are a few who love to grow their own cannabis plants. 

Recent stats suggest that about 500,000+ people grow cannabis in the UK, which translates to about roughly one person on literally every single street in the country! And, if you’re looking for some fine cannabis seeds, you can grab them at discounted prices, by taking advantage of the price drop on High-Supplies.com

What Should You Choose?

PPP Regular Seeds: When it comes to choosing superb cannabis seeds, PPP Regular seeds can be a good pick since they are strong growing, and they germinate into nice plants within no time. And, you can be completely assured that you won’t be disappointed with them at cost.

Currently, www.high-supplies.com is offering pack of 10 seeds at a discounted price of just € 18 as opposed to their regular price of € 30.

Afghan Outdoor Seeds: Afghan Outdoor is a strong plant capable of withstanding the adverse weather conditions – the typical Afghan kind, making it apt for outdoor growing!

Once again you can get cracker of a deal on these exotic cannabis seeds on High Supplies, which currently allow you to buy them at a discounted price of just € 15 as opposed to their regular price of € 20 this festive season.

Misty Feminized Seeds: If you’re looking for feminized seeds,Misty is an easy-growing potential plant that will never leave you disappointed no matter whether you’re an experience grower or a newbie trying his/her luck for the first time.

You can grab them for just € 25 instead of its regular price of € 35.

The Bestselling Cannabis for Amateurs

If you’re trying to grow cannabis seeds for the first time, then White Widow autoflower feminized seeds are certainly going to be one among the best picks, as they can survive easily even in the harshest of growing conditions, and don’t essentially require any special treatment.

Just as their name suggests, Amnesia Haze feminized seeds can give you strong weeds that taste and smell like heaven. And, even if you’re an experienced user, this cracker of a weed can knock you down with its powerful effect, but it doesn’t take a lot to grow.

PPP feminized cannabis seeds grow into very potent plants that render great yield and terrific effects that every marihuana lover is bound to cherish. It isn't a tall grower, and hence makes a great choice for those who’ve got limited space. Its big wide leaves can easily soak up the sun, and it has a smooth vanilla-wood smell that simply blows you away!

Order Today!

So, go ahead and buy fresh premium Cannabis Seeds from the world's top marijuana seed breeders, High-supplies.com, and get them shipped to your door-step within no time. And, hurry up – these price reductions are applicable only for a limited period.

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