Northern Light Is Hybrid Of Indica And Afghani

Published : 11/4/2015 10:04:35
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Northern Light Is Hybrid Of Indica And Afghani

As this plant is short statured many hybrids were made to make it tall and give more yields. The strain of this plant is used where more concentration is required. There are many people who use this plant for medicines. High time Cannabis cup is won by this hybrid many times. The main hybrids used here are NL-1, NL-2 with NL-5. Mainly this plant was grown indoors but these days there are many cultivators who are growing it outdoors too.  

Strain Is Concentrated And Effective

Northern light has changed the Marijuana culture in the world. Many smokers swear on this strain as there is not many strains matching it. Many cultivators and smokers are crazy over this strain. The cultivators can sell this seeds easily and the smokers use them for growing the plants for personal use. There is a lot of energy and happiness for the people who consume this. There are many ways of using the strain of this plant. This plant remains to be the best of Marijuana varieties from decades. 

Effects Of Northern light Consumption

The yields are high and these yields have good effect. The people who have pain, anxiety and stress use this for medical purposes. There is a good name for this hybrid in the medical world. The smell of the strain is like earthy and piney. The strains are good for consumption in the night times. The head is hardened and the body relaxes. There are many people using this strain for sleeping and eating disorders. There are many people who prefer the plants to be grown at home. There is necessity to look into the local law before purchasing. The seed sellers mostly are very confidential about the purchaser’s identities. There is still opposition for the Marijuana plants all over the world. 

Enjoy The Strain

Northern light seeds are available with almost all the sellers. The people using this strain either for eating or smoking in limited quantities enjoy the high, happy, alert and active effects. This seeds give many yields per year. The yields start after six or eight weeks. The plant grows mostly to about six feet. Harvest for these plants is good when the buds start giving out a brown resin. 

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