Growing marijuana weeds with Afghani Hindu Kush seeds

Published : 09/18/2015 23:13:52
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Growing marijuana weeds with Afghani Hindu Kush seeds

With the easily available seeds and weeds in the several online and offline stores, this breed from indica group of cannabis offers a strong flavour, relaxed mood and perplexed experience while consumed. The main region of this indica breed cannabis is the afghan Hindu Kush mountain area. Collected from this area, the online and offline stores provide the variety to the consumers. Often said that it is the bet one to start with for the new ones; but contrary opinion also remains that declares this breed of cannabis as a strong one, and have the ability of ‘knocking down with on puff’. 

Unlike other seasonal breeds of plants, the Afghani Hindu Kush cannabis has plants of male and female categories. An unusual speciality indeed but is normal for marijuana breeds. 

Plantation Features: 

Regular and fast availability from the online and offline stores.

Online store collects the Afghani Hindu Kush seeds from the originating area, stores and finally sells to the customers. 

Afghani Hindu Kush seeds is formed from the pure indica breed; so the option for plantation is always available- either indoor or as outdoor plans. 

Being an indica breed, the plant doesn’t grow long and tall. Rather few meter of height leaves the option to grow as indoor plant. 

One can also grow this plant of cannabis breed outdoor as being a very tough plant and is able to handle outdoor stress. 

So new planters can harvest it anywhere as very little care is needed for Afghani Hindu Kush breed to grow. 

However, the plantation results may differ when planted as an indoor plant. But it is essential to have a basic knowledge while buying about the buds which can maybe brown dead bush or crystal heavy.

And not only leaves a satisfaction and perplexed mood while tasted or consumed; but also when planted and growth. An easy plantation that comes out with quicker buds and flowers. 

Characteristics: Full with a strong aroma, Afghani Hindu Kush breed is lush green with dense seeds when fully bloomed. Completely flowered with a period of 50 days, Afghani Hindu Kush well blooms in September- October. Being one of the finest breed from the ancient route of marijuana plantation and users, this powerful yet wild variety of cannabis serves the consumers a nice aroma and taste to relax with. Also, as the breed is originated in the Hindu Kush region, the centre of the globe offers in the breed some truly magnificent qualities. Of them all is the separate yet prevailing genotypes of indica and afghanica breeds; and the availability of black hashish and its different forms as well. A typical indica breed with dark and broad leaves, delivers heavy buds tightly bound. Often compared with Afghani hashish, delivers a strong flavour and aroma. This Afghani Hindu Kush breed is also high in THC count and have quite a powerful effect to effect brain, nerve and conscience. 

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