Five Potent Varieties Come Together In Marijuana Seeds Mix

Published : 09/19/2015 13:37:45
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Five Potent Varieties Come Together In Marijuana Seeds Mix

The product would satisfy the most particular recreational marijuana enthusiast with superb highs and even treat patients medicinally too. Both recreational and medicinal uses are becoming legal in more and more countries like in many states of America.   

Since all the varieties are somewhat similar with a 50-65 day flowering time and growing to a height of 100-170 cms, there is little difficulty. A THC level of 15-20% is the norm and the yield would be about 450 gr/m2. 

Sensi Star

An ever popular indica strain that won many cups since 1995! Suitable for growing in both hydro and soil, Sensi Star grows fat bushy branches. The dense indica foliage contains intense resin on the buds. Growers can also opt for Sea of Green or Screen of Green methods and success is sure to follow. A stunning favorite among recreational users worldwide, growers in France, Spain and Southern USA love it. The plant induces powerful relaxation highs accompanied by a powerful kick for that memorable stoned experience.  

Original Highway Delight

OHD is a favorite among beginning growers since there is no great fuss associated with its cultivation. The immense popularity with smokers can be attributed to an attractive spicy aroma. Besides, the potency is rather strong and what you get is exactly what you want. The secret is the THC and CBD combined, CBD being an indica derivative. OHD grows well in cold climates too amidst moisture and low temperatures. 


Originating in Netherlands, K2 grows in little space but is potent with highs and contains big buds covered by crystals. What you get is a buzzing body and the high is mild enough. The secret is the mingling of the Hindu Kush growth patterns with White Widow that contains high THC levels. Even beginners would do well with this marijuana strain. Recreational users would taste sweet smoke that may be harsh and strong akin to the Skunk variety experience. 

White Widow

As everybody knows, WW is strong and pretty! In the sativa dominating strain, white resin is found all over the female plant. This variety was introduced in Netherlands in 1995 and has been immensely popular ever since. The sensational high is achieved without losing out on energy levels. The popularity owes a lot to the flavor. When smoked, the impact reminds of flowery and fruity tastes.

Jack Herer

JH comes from ancestral Red Skunk and Haze. The indica strain has been high on the popularity charts for several years. One of the attractions is the dark leaves that stand out. The high THC resin is the result of the indica strain. JH brings a high that lasts very long and medicinal uses are valuable too. The great taste and smell do perk you up and the senses derive a lot of spirit from the potent unreal experience.

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