Blue Mystic seeds-one of the best cannabis hybrid

Published : 10/6/2015 09:51:51
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Blue Mystic seeds-one of the best cannabis hybrid

Blue Mystic upholds an impartial smell while budding. Blue Mystic cultivates in a very comparable way to the Northern Light, showcasing all the enviable qualities of that sprain, with the additional appeal of its own vibrant exterior and the slightly berry like relish of its smoke.

The History

In the region of the mountains and valleys of Oregon and California, a group of aficionada cannabis breeders was doing their work on some fresh sprains, which would ultimately rest with the fundamentals for the Northern American marijuana ranges that are just about today. The crowd included a famous breeder who crossed some Thailand contests, Thai mixtures and an Afghan that had been in the order of ever since the 80s. The effect of this assortment and breeding through hundreds, even thousands, of seeds would be one of the most well-known varieties smoldered today, the Blueberry. Approaching out of that California or Oregon is melting preserve of heredity, they found a magnificent marijuana strain which they urbanized into a feminized kernel to carry the Blue Mystic. 

What is a Blue Mystic seed?

The sow is typically Indica and fabricates heavy sprouts with a glossy blue shadow. Blue Mystic creates a soft, fruity berry like flavor. With the additional benefit of having a rather little smell intensity in the breeding process. This Indica prevailing plant is short-stacked, with small stretching, rising nearly like the bonsai or broccoli tree. It can raise just above 1 meter tall but it is  advised to growers to either squeeze or peak the plant to create more of a thick plant. Since it will not cultivate much up and down, bushing the quantity of this plant to one side can give better outcome for give way. It wants the warmness of the Mediterranean zone or California and does not do fine in northern part of Europe.


Blue Mystic is a complete feminized sprain, It means that the seeds create only feminine plants, which is of immense comfort to those that produce it for individual or profitable use. Male plants frequently require to be detached to prohibit pollination process of the harvests, as the pollination and propagation of plants inside the crop repeatedly guide to crop stoppage owing to the fall in THC that reproduction constructs. Female strains permit a cultivator to grow female only reaps, letting for complete THC strength and condensed horticultural wants.


The Blue Mystic Feminized seed can be prepared for yield after 8 to 9 weeks, giving it a lively yet sweet taste of unsullied fruit. If set for  a little longer time (up to 10 to 12 weeks), it will drop some flavour but reimburse you back with a heavier body stone result. As constantly, it is being advised freshening your plants before manicuring the sprouts, but it’s particularly suggested with the Blue Mystic to carry about the complete flavour of its own. If confined in a correct way, the taste of Blue Mystic will be so syrupy and stimulating as to provide the smoker a real taste of intaking juice. This strong flavour is evenly coordinated with a wonderful yet powerful Indica mineral that leaves consumers bodily locked-down.

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