Blue Mystic Feminized Seeds

Published : 08/1/2018 16:30:05
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Blue Mystic Feminized Seeds

It doesn’t grow to high heights, generally reaching up to 80 to 120 centimeters in height. An average Blue Mystic can produce around 55 to 65 grams of good quality reefer. 

This warm temperamental breed is easy to spot. Its shade ranges from light to dark blue, with subtle hints of grey. The color of this plant remains consistent whether it is dried or newly harvested. It is recommended to let plants fully dry before smoking up. As this allows the THC crystals to mature to its full extent. This allows the complete inhalation of the product, especially if used in a pipe or vaporize.

Uses and Benefits

Its medicinal uses include a remedy for sleeplessness and anxiety. The instant result of smoking the Blue Mystic is that it lifts restlessness with drowsy effect within 45 minutes to 1 hour. Being extremely potent, it is recommended not to drive or operation heavy machines under its influences. People who consume this regularly, have reported lack of willingness and inability to stay active, often called ‘’locked down’’. The high attained is heavy, but pleasurable. It is not to be confused by the actual incapacitating effects obtained by usage of heavy drugs. Some people have even described the taste of this plant as comparable with a glass of fruity wine or having a glass of blueberry juice. This one is much easier on throat which allows easy inhalation than rest of the low quality marijuana. It is a good choice for those who don’t prefer heavy smoke quality which comes with high quality strains like diesel variations.

Blue Mystic is a type of feminized strain. It means that its seeds only produce female plants, which is a relief to people who grow for commercial or personal uses. Whereas, in male plant it needs to remove to disallow the pollination of the crops. Pollination and breeding within the crops lead to the crop damage due to decrease in THC. Feminized strains allow full potency of THC and decreases horticultural requirements.

Blue Mystic feminized seeds are gaining popularity as a favorite smokes in the pot culture. It contains some exceptional medicinal qualities which are favored by the medical community. As well as the quality high and high potency that is far better than rest of the commercial and in grown strains smoked to seek pleasure. Its lack of height makes it easy to grow. It has capability to produce quality crop with high potency in even unattended situations. Apart from that its virile capacity to grow horizontal and shorter harvesting cycles makes it ideal for growing in your backyard. Growing from the seed is better than clones, though clones are easier to find. To find clones or seeds try visiting your nearby seed bank.

Buying online

Buying perfect marijuana weeds is important for having that energetic buzz and purchasing them online from guarantees you value for money. From popular cannabis seeds to sativa weed seeds, they are well-known for delivering fast and discreet. They also offer users with updated growing guides of marijuana seeds. You will find finest strains of Blue Mystic feminized seeds here at competitive rates. 

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