Best 5 Regular Cannabis Seeds under €25

Published : 03/16/2015 11:08:21
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Best 5 Regular Cannabis Seeds under €25

They are the purest genetics and produce around 50% female and 50% male offspring. Though feminized cannabis seeds are very popular, regular seeds are still provided by several breeders. 

The same genetics are provided by regular seeds at a much lower price when compared to their feminized kinds and often perform better in retaining the best properties of individual parent plant. Listed below are the best 5 regular cannabis seeds under €25. 

Pure Power Plant (PPP) Seeds

Priced at €18, Pure Power Plant is one of the cheapest options for regular cannabis seeds. This strong growing strain germinates into nice plants and will not disappoint any type of cultivator. As the name indicates, it has pure power and this indica dominant strain grows into potent males as well as females. If you don‘t want to make new seeds, remember not to set them besides each other. 

Misty Seeds

To cultivate this bushy plant with high THC levels, you just need to spend just €25 to buy Misty seeds. This is a great option for growers who have little space, but still want high yield and good quality buds. This indica dominant plant shares its genes with NLX and White Widow. The buds of the plant, spread around a pleasant fresh sweet or sour aroma. For an energetic high, Misty strain is a good option for smokers.

K2 Seeds

A strain that can be cultivated easily in small space even by beginners by spending just €20 for K2 regular cannabis seeds! Since it grows to medium height, it is suitable for growing indoors. The plants do not stretch very much during the blooming phase, making this strain famous amongst the cultivators who don’t want their plants to grow very high. Expect a sweet, soft taste in addition to a nice mellow stoned effect. 

Super Skunk Seeds

At €25, the Super Skunk strain adds potency, weight, and flavor to the Skunk 1 variety, which has always been reliable. Similar to the other members of the Skunk family, Super Skunk is one of the very few varieties that may need more experience to smoke than that for growing. The all-round performance of Super Skunk is what makes it one of the leading strains for connoisseur or commercial cultivators. 

Blue Mystic Seeds

A great choice to be considered by all those who love the taste of sweet berry in addition to a relaxing effect and high yield! Blue Mystic is a great cannabis plant that is dominated by the indica strain and grows to medium height. 

Opt for any of these regular cannabis seeds of the best quality at the best prices from High Supplies, one of the reputed onlineseed bank names in the cannabis seed market. 

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