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All about Northern Light seeds

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All about Northern Light seeds

The buzz characterized by northern light marijuana strain enables the consumer to be happy, giggly and energetic. 

These seeds have won many cannabis awards for its overall taste and superiority. Besides, it also used in making of different cross variety seeds. 

History of Northern Lights

These were first developed in 1979 in Washington and were considered highly potent at that time. These strains are the easiest to grow, being quite forgiving and hardy to the novice indoor growers. It is very much preferred and known for its high yielding and high potency amongst growers.  They have short internodal gaps, producing thick, rock-solid clusters of buds along with amazing resin generation. Its smoke is sweet, full-bodied and acrid with a subtle taste. 

Northern Lights Smoking Effects

Northern light seeds are also known for the high they produce when consumed. It is extremely deep and relaxes the body buzz as well as lasts for a longer time. This strain is seemed to be wholly geared in making you euphoric and lazy as achieves its goal almost every time. Smoking northern light gives you an exceptional comfort level and a soothing relaxation state. If you have ever smoked weed before, there are high chances that you might have smoked a northern light strain. 


Northern light is mostly broad-leafed, deep green color plant that unleashes its indica characteristic. It is short-strained and hence does not require a lot of space to grow. However, some of the plants are known to grow up to 40-60 inches in height. The plant flowers in around 9-10 weeks and the THC peak level is around 18% where you can expect the yield to be 17 ounces per 10 sq feet. Along with these marijuana seeds, there are numerous autoflowering and feminized varieties to choose from. 

Northern Lights Medicinal Uses

Since northern lights are very popular, they are also used in the field of medicine. We have known many advantages of marijuana of curing deadly diseases and northern light seeds have proven to treat insomnia and anxiety because of its calming and dense nature. Besides, this strain also is very effective in combating spinal nerve diseases such as radiculopathy. Also, its mellow contentment roots helps in alleviating stress and depression, pacify mind and cure sleeplessness.

Buying Online

Buying weed online requires attention and accuracy, and one can buy perfect buzz only if he knows its features the best. Purchasing northern light from offers you exceptional quality weed and excellent smoke for yourself. It is an online shop for quality autoflowering seeds and feminized cannabis seeds- sativa & indica weed seeds. They deliver discreet and fast with incomparable services.