AK 48 Seeds Is A Hybrid Of Many Marijuana Plants

Published : 10/22/2015 16:13:15
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AK 48 Seeds Is A Hybrid Of Many Marijuana Plants

These seeds are popular all over the world. The strain of this plant is like the other pure strains of Afghani, Shiva Stock, Skunk and Northern Lights. This plant gives flowers after about 48 days. A lot of Marijuana plant traits were collected and a single plant called Ice was formed. This breed was again pollinated with Jock Horror and the result was AK 48, which was one of the varieties. This plant takes around 7 to 8 weeks to give the flowers. The buds are hard and have a different aroma. The strain has a lot of resin. 

Plant Needs More Room For Roots

AK 48plants can be grown indoor also. The height is medium and it takes about ten months for the plant to give the buds with a healthy aroma. The high THC gives the users superb effect. There are a lot of chemicals also produced with THC from this plant. AK 48 seeds have to be germinated first and then put into a bigger pot. The roots of this plant need room for spreading to give a strong plant. Though the plant does not grow tall there are more buds around the plant. The leaves are light green which are thick too. 

Strain Gives Cerebral High

The flavor of the buds is neutral but has a sweet pine taste. The users have a body stone effect. The cannabis users compare all other strains with AK 48 as this gives a cerebral high and the full body is also high. As the effect is explosive this seed gets its name. The cultivators do not have much strain in germinating these seeds. After the flowering season if the plant is given more time the yield will be higher. As the supplies and cultivating of Marijuana is getting legalized in many countries there is a great demand for AK 48 seeds. There are many online shops which deliver the seeds to the door step.  

AK 48 Seeds Packet Has Both Male And Female Varieties

AK 48 seeds will be the most liked by Marijuana users. These seeds will be sold out in the market just after its arrival.  This plant needs at least six weeks to flower. The aroma of the buds is penetrating. These seeds are used commercially or for just recreation. The strain of this plant is used from the mid 1990`s. AK 48 seeds packet has both male and female varieties. There are many people who are interested in cultivating this plant. This plant can be cultivated indoors. The strain is white in colour. There are no much medical uses of this Strain. The yield is about 400-500 gms for one square meter. 

These Seeds Can Be Ordered Online

The plant growth is short and so it can be grown indoors. There are many people who like this flavor. These seeds are ordered online and planted in the houses. There is a limit for the number of plants which is mentioned by law. Cultivators have a lot of competition in growing these plants.

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