Afghani Hindu Kush seeds

Our Afghani Hindu Kush is a very suitable kind of cannabis plant if you prefer a sweet taste while smoking your buds. 

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Plant information

Flowering time after (days):50 - 55
Height in cm:90 -130 cm.
Yield:400 gr./m2
Type:Regular seeds
YieldLarge Yield
Flowering timeAverage flowering period
ClimatTemperature / Continental
HeightAverage height gain
THC:17% +
Sativa / IndicaMostly Indica
Number of seeds10

Seeds info

Afghani Hindu Kush Seeds are the purest strain of Indica. The strain is named after the place where these strains are grown abundantly in the Himalayan Mountain Ranges towards Afghanistan and Pakistan borders. High Supplies only provides 100% Afghani Hindu Kush seeds, which are the best on the market.

There are many varieties of Kush Marijuana seeds that are abundantly grown in many parts of the world, many of which High Supplies offers. This is because the seeds are comparatively fast growing, start blooming quite early and offer best soothing effects on the brain cells. This is one of the most prized strains for any grower and is used in countless crossbred strains.

With 80% Indica properties she won't get very tall and grows in the well known form of a Christ-mass tree.
She grows big not too compact buds with a good layer of resin which has a very sweet taste and reminds you of very black sweet hashes.
Smoking the Afghani Hindu Kush gives you a total "buzz" and a heavy stoned feeling all over.
With these seeds you have the best of two kinds, a lovely sweet taste and a good buzz.

Afghani Hindu Kush is an Indica dominant cannabis plant coming from the mountainous regions of Himalayas. Its origins come from countries like India, Pakistan, China and Afghanistan. The older cannabis traditions of these regions have somewhere blended and there is a huge cannabis market in the central Asia, Far East and Middle East regions; not to mention Afghani Hindu Kush is the most in demand strain in this belt. 

This also puts Hindu Kush right in the centre of the world when we talk of a top-class Afghani genotype or a true indica and all the different types of black hashish that are made from them. 

80% Indica

Being 80% indica, these plants don’t go very tall but take the beautiful shape of Christ-mass trees that are a treat to watch. The leaves of the plants on the other hand are far from compact and have a good layer of resin, which has a unique sweet taste that also reminds you of the typical black hashes they are used for making. 

Weed cultivators have selected Hindu Kush for generations together, thanks to its stability and quality and their characteristic of breeding within its own gene pool. These seeds produce consistent seedlings and are considered as a great variety for indoor crops that are typically grown straight from their seeds. 

These strains can flourish equally well outdoors under warmer climates but below42°N.  Flowering is typically strong and very quick, which helps even the beginners come up with fast harvests without any trouble. 

Fantastic Features of High Supplies’ Afghani Hindu Kush

You can get indepth guide regarding the seeds if you purchase them from this seedbank. Experts from the company say “Afghani Hindu Kush is actually a bushy growing hardy plant and is known as the traditional shrub used for preparing hashish. The potent flowers that bloom from these plants offer the best smoking opportunities for the users because of their excess production of resin. The flowers are also famous for their amazing medicinal properties.”

The advantageous features of the Kush seeds are its growth traits, genetic stability and therapeutic qualities. All these traits make the plant become more valuable for many people such as patients, breeders and the growers since it is quite helpful for them in one or the other way. 

Afghani Hindu Kush Seeds are in high demand in the global market for their narcotic and medicinal features. You can find them at the best prices at High Supplies, the most reliable seed bank in the business. They deliver your purchase in well protected boxes and you get the package in the shortest possible time, getting your plants from seed to bud faster than any other company.


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