Why is Super Skunk So Popular With the Growers?

Published : 02/24/2014 09:11:45
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As the name suggests, it offers a unique aroma that is almost same as skunk on steroids. 

The Euphoric High!

Pot smokers have loved Super Skunk for years now, thanks to the spacey zone and euphoric high that it creates. Smoking Super Skunk once can make you remember for almost forever. When you smell a bunch of Super Skunk plants you get a taste of cheddar cheese along with a typical sweet smell of skunk. Its pungent smell is sure to keep you glued to the container containing these superb cannabis leaves or plants. Some growers have even gone to an extent of trying to find the origin of this pleasant and toxic smell that Super Skunk has to offer. 

The Original Creation of Afghanistan

Super Skunk actually comes from Afghanistan and Skunk #1, which is actually a popular cross breed of Afghanistan, Colombia, and Mexico. You already might be knowing that Afghanistan is actually the original strain and when Skunk #1 is once again crossed with its parent strain, it gives us a super hybrid hence the name - Super Skunk!

Most of the dispensaries categorize Super Skunk as being an all Sativa; that said many seasoned breeders when looked closely on the genetics of the strain and actually tried smoking their buds; they realized it had a very dominating couch-lock effect, something we normally see in an indica dominant strain. Well, in simple words we can call it as a hybrid but nothing changes the fact that Super Skunk is an amazing cannabis strain.

Growing the Super Skunk

The breeders, especially the ones who want grow the cannabis underground are always on the lookout for strains that can be easily grown and are affordable as well, so that at the end of harvesting all their efforts actually pay off. Super Skunk is one marijuana strain that fits the bill of guerilla indoor growers as much as it does for the outdoor growers. But a lot also depends on the source you are buying the seeds from. Not every physical or online seed bank can guarantee you high quality Super Skunk at reasonable prices. At high-supplies you can buy them for a very affordable €25. 

The Ultimate Choice of Smokers

It has been a smoker’s favorite because the smell is strong but not annoying, and its high lasts a bit longer compared to normal. If you are smoking Super Skunk you should always be close to your couch, at least that is what pot smokers recommend as within no time after completing a bowl you feel the cerebral tingle. It is known to get you going right away and you remain super energetic for good thirty to forty five minutes post a session. 

If you continue to have the same level of energy you may want to reload in between. Even if you don’t reload the pressure goes off slowly and takes you to a relaxing state of mind. Overall, Super Skunk is one strain of cannabis that doesn’t let you down by any means!

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