White Widow – The Crystal rain drops

Published : 01/28/2016 15:56:14
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White Widow – The Crystal rain drops

This plant does not grow very tall but grows into a strong plant and she is a perfect blend between Sativa and Indica.A well-developed bud growsbushy and full of resin and has that attractive fluffy look that promises you excessive taste and effect. Crystal rain has anexquisite sweet smell that also arises when you smoke, the crystal rainwill take you into calm, creative and an overallhigh without any signs of a couch-lock.  It is a pleasant experience to smoke this weed due to the softness in the throat. Crystal Rain has been the winner of various cannabis cups awards over the past decade and the marijuana users love this exotic strain.  Crystal Rain cannabis seeds are White Widow crossed with Northern Lights.

THC Levels: The THC levels in the strain ranges between 15% to 20% and flowers within 8 to 9 weeks. September is the best season for harvesting these strains. This plant not only has high level of THC in them but also is one of the great yielding marijuana strains existing in the market. What makes it more interesting is that it is easier to grow, which makes it as popular with learners as it is with experienced cannabis growers. The smoke produced gives a real boost and its typical paraffin like scent is the added attraction to this strain.  Due to its high CBD levels, it can be used in many disorders and diseases.

Flawless Blend of Sativa Strains and Indica: Though, they look more like White Widow for apparent reasons, they also have very strong features of Northern Light, making them decay resistant. These seeds are a perfect mix of Indica and Sativa, thus enjoying the best of both Indica and Sativa qualities. The completely grown buds are soft and thick. 

Taste and High: The Crystal Rain has an exceptional taste and aroma. These resin-filled buds assure marvelous effect along with a good taste. The sweet smell is apparent the instant you start using it. The crystals on these plants will not disappoint you and gives you an enthusiastic, comfortable but creative high without turning you into a lazy person.  It is also very soft on your throat, which makes it all the more pleasurable. 

Tips to Grow: Crystal rain is best grown indoors with a yield of 400g per plant.  The height of the fully grown plant is between 65 to 70 cm and the flowering period is 8 – 9 weeks.  The harvesting happens mostly in September. When grown outdoors, this plant grows up to a height of 70cm to 27.6 inches and gives out a yield up to 400 grams to 14.1 ounces per sq. meter. It is moderately easy to grow this plant and hence can be grown by beginners as wells as experienced seed growers.

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