White Widow seeds: best breed of Cannabis family

Published : 08/26/2015 12:41:29
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White Widow seeds: best breed of Cannabis family

This is crystalline, or frosty in appearance. This strain is one of the gorgeous representations of the hybrid, dominated by indica and it is originating from high quality cannabis which is bred in Amsterdam. This is one of the most potential cannabis breeding. Due to this reason, White Widow is considered as the most successful and effective commercialized cannabis strains. It is suggested by the expert that, if you want cultivate Cannabis, must purchase the white widow seeds, because, it has a greatcultivation efficiency.

Stands the head member of the white strains family, white widow is extremely popular for its white layer of resin, which is found in all over the stain, if you collect the female plant. 

About White Widow seeds:

The white widow, which is one of the strongest and powerful seeds of Cannabis, was first introduced in   the mid nineties, most probably 1995 in the Netherlands and within a few years, it gains huge popularity in the world of weeds. It is basically a medium height plant along with wide and long dark green leaves. When buds start growingfrom white widow seeds a unique odor like pine fills up the air. It has the capacity to provide you a high sensation without losing any energy. Grow both outdoor and indoor, white widow can be found in 1 meter in height and its outside is up to 2 meters. The indoor plant can produce more than 70 grams per plant, at the same time indoor plant can provide 500 grams. It can grow very moderate climate, but it can be flourished mainly in warmer climates. Within 9 weeks, white widow seeds will finish it’s flowering. This great cannabis strain can be found in several coffee shop across Amsterdam. 

Reasons behind Their Popularity

Undoubtedly White Widow is extremely popular in all over the world, but most of the people are surprised that why it gains this popularity. According to the research it’s popularity is built mainly by the strain’s superiority with the respect to its smells, flavor and the taste. Beside all these, it has more than the other breed of Cannabis, including its thick coating of  trichomes, its high yield, and its growth speed. 

If it is cultivated properly, it has the ability to provide more than our expectation. So that the popularity which the White Widow has achieved unavoidably due to few cultivators who cultivate this plant following all norms of cultivation of white widow seeds. 

Most of the people are looking for the high flavored cannabis while smoking. If you smoke the white widow, you can experience an aromatically fresh sensation which has generally come from its pine cone nugs, due to this reason it gets huge popularity. Not only that,  it also provides the smoker with a cozy and warm feeling with a very small amount of sensations

In very simple words, White Widow  can produce a great relaxation during , while the taste of this seed is quite spicy and peppery.

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