White Widow Is Best For First Timers

Published : 10/28/2015 10:10:42
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White Widow Is Best For First Timers

In almost all the Dutch tea shops there is a menu of white widow. There are many awards given to this hybrid. In 1995 a first prize was given by the high times cannabis cup. The cultivators claim that this plant requires very less maintenance. For the first time cultivators this is the best plant to try out.  

Get Relaxed And More Happier

There are many people who have got the best yields in their first time cultivation of white widow. Like other marijuana plants this plant also requires nearly eight weeks for giving yield. The height of the plant reaches as much as one meter indoors and nearly two meters outdoors. It requires a bit of warmth for giving more yield. The fruity scent from the plant is liked by everyone. The taste is sweet and keeps the mouth fresh. There is a hard feeling in the head and the body is relaxed. There is a lot of happiness by smoking or consuming it. 

Dutch Coffee Shops Have White Widow Menus

White widow is a popular name in all the Dutch coffee shops. This is originated from the soils of Netherlands. This is also called the queen seeds which gives the legendary strain. The seed companies give always the feminized seeds which give bigger yields. If the plant is indoors then it needs more warmth to give more yields. The plant gives 55-65 gms of yield provided it gets the necessary heat and light. In the medical world this hybrid is used as a painkiller and treatment for insomnia. This strain is having more demand commercially. There is a lot of THC level in the strain.

Seeds Has To Be Away From Light And Moisture

Indica gives the relaxed feeling and the Sativa enhances the moods. This hybrid strain of the plant from the White widow seeds gives unexplainable experience. The seeds should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place. It should be stored in the refrigerator in a canister. This does not allow the light or the moisture inside. It is better to check the colour and the shape of the seeds to know more about the freshness. If they are not satisfactory then it is better to not sow it as it may not germinate. 

Get More information From Our Experts

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