White Rhino marijuana seeds

Published : 11/7/2014 10:41:18
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White Rhino marijuana seeds

The plant originates from Brazil, India, and Afganistan. White Rhino is strong, fast-growing, and pure Indica type of plant. It is a sturdy plant with thick skin to bear the cold as well as hot weather conditions. It has good medicinal value due to high THC content. These plants are very good medicinal cannabalis strains. 

The plant is characterized by heavy and hash-like appearance. The taste of the smoke is spicy. The smell is like fresh flowers with a zest of lemon. The leaves are green, huge and have very thick stalks. The calyxes are very dense, round, small and forms hard colas. The plant does not give off a sweet smell at the time of growing, but the plant harvest has a pleasant smell. 

The plant can be harvested both indoor and outdoor. In indoor flowering, 9 weeks are taken by the plant to develop very hard tops and sweet taste with a very high yield of 900 gram per square metre. In outdoor flowering, the harvesting starts in October first week in the Northern hemisphere and in the month of April in Southern hemisphere.

Latest update in the global market

Harvesting the plants producing the White Rhino marijuana seeds is hugely popular and a lucrative trade in many nations of the world. The traders round the globe are gaining huge profits by harvesting this plant variety and selling the smoking products on a worldwide basis.

Harvesting of this plant has been legalized in many European nations 

It is also legal in many states of the USA

The plant product is a very popular import/export item

The smoking products are available at reasonable costs from the international suppliers

These plants are very easy in harvesting at lower expenses


The White Rhino marijuana seeds have good medicinal properties with very high THC content. The seeds have many healing properties and medicinal values. It relieves the patients suffering from nausea and digestion related problems. It also gives relief from stomach issues arising from chemotherapy and radiation types of treatments. 

The smoking gives a wonderful sensation to the whole body

Smokers cherish the taste and smell of the produced smoke

Smoking from these buds gives a quick and overpowering hit

The pleasant smoking effect lasts around two hours

Smoking from the seeds of this strain provides a lot of energy

The smokers are highly relieved from physical and mental stress

These also provide relief from pain caused by the physical disorders like spinal injuries, migraine, arthritis, etc. The best products from these seeds are available from the high-supplies.com, one of the leading supplier organizations.

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